Monday, October 8, 2007

Fun finds

More fabric for the stash... although soon to be sewn!
With my 'making pillowcases' addiction, look at the adorable fabric I found for Thanksgiving.
The yellow with red dots will be the body of the cases.
The cute (I love it) turkey print will be the end band.
I'll put a strip of red between the two for trim.
This fabric is pillowcase soft.
The second fabric is white snowflakes on an off-white background.
I think I'll mix them up when sewing.

I couldn't resist this Christmas Pets print.
I'm going to make drawstring bags for family pets' Christmas goodies.
I also thought of cutting out the shapes the pets are on and appliqueing
them onto handmade Christmas cards... is there any other kind of card??
Although, I'm also tossing the idea of using Moo note cards for Christmas this year.
Have to think about that one.

I'm off to:
go to the library
go to look at our citys' new bridge which just opened
stop at Starbucks
drive the new 2-lane roundabout


Angie said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. . . and what a fun set of fabrics. I especially love the red/white snowflakes.

I ironed homespuns for 2 hours last night. Tonight, I get to cut them!

Nan said...

The doll house is so cute, I've always wanted one, I will live my fantasy of having one through you, a virtual doll house!!

The holiday print fabrics are so cute, no wonder you couldn't resist, I'll look forward to seeing how they worked up!

Wanda said...

Beautiuful, colorful fabric! Love it. I'm a little over half finished with my Pirate Baby Quilt. Will post a picture soon.

de vliegende koe said...

Lovely fabrics Joni. The Christmas dogs are very funny! I didn‘t get the clue about the Turkeys first... but you all eat Turkey at Thanksgiving! You celebrate so many wonderful events!

Kate said...

a) I would like to have a big enough house so I could make linens for 1 day!
b) I want to sleep on turkey pillowcases!
Keep up the Christmas sewing - I'll be in the mood soon! xx

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Hi Joni - I love that Turkey fabric - what fun! Lucy x

Anina said...

I LOVE those turkeys!

Isabelle said...

I've worked it out! You're actually twins - that's how you manage to do all that.

It all looks great, and yes, you're quite right: it is a bit odd to post pictures of my family in their pyjamas. They're very respectable pyjamas, however, and I'm not completely daft: you're not going to see any pictures of me in mine....

Helen Hancock said...

Love the fabrics...your craftiness (meant in the nicest possible way) is wonderful to watch. Now I want to hear more about this roundabout....small town living? I am intrigued?

amandajean said...

that turkey fabric is fantastic!

I'd love to see a peek of your stash sometime.

Elizabeth said...

The turkey and dog fabrics are great!