Wednesday, April 30, 2008



I wanted a sewing project, but couldn't seem to find just the
right fabrics in my stash to coordinate with each other.
So I wasted the last few days as far as
accomplishing anything useful.


Yesterday I went browsing at
Fat Quarter Shop
and fell in love with this bag style and fabric.
And... it came in a kit!!

The fabrics are covered with
watermelons and cherries.
Click here to see the fabrics in all their glory.

I was also looking for fabric for a table runner and

found this wonderful summery collection...

Fresh Squeezed!

And it came in a 'Jelly Roll' already cut for me!!

Thank you Moda fabrics.

Click here to see all the summer citrus fabrics (with a bit

of watermelon thrown in)


several yummy quilts made from it.

I had the fabrics sent 2-Day Mail.
No patience whatsoever!!
So... today I'll clean and Thursday I'll be all set to
sew, sew, sew.

Make this a GREAT day at your house!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Outdoor Fun
When the new catalogs arrive, I always
curl up with...
Land of Nod... first.
They inspire and motivate me more than any others.
My head is thinking Spring and Summer
but we woke to snow this morning.
That was hard to take!!
I love, love, love this simple patchwork
blanket for picnics, reading, watching fireworks,
or whatever you can think of.
It's 100% cotton and backed with a striped fabric.
Quick and simple to make!!
This picture made me feel sand between my toes
and think of
the fun of appliqueing on a beach towel,
sewing on bright striped ribbons,
or adding a name, monogram, or fun word.

This octopus is available through the catalog
and makes me smile.

I think the simple fish applique on this table runner
is fun and easy to make!
I sense a table runner collection beginning at our
house as I'm just not ready to make a king-sized

This is an octopus napkin... satin stitched
and then cut close to the stitching. Love the whimsical!!
Spray paint lanterns a variety of colors.
Some operate on batteries or votive candles.
Good for indoors or out... a great
centerpiece for a summer dinner.
And for those softie lovers... barnyard
So adorable!!
However... I'm thinking stuffed fish at
the moment.
Click on the catalog names to browse
other goodies.
Make this a great day!
PS I'm off to make a table runner to brighten up the breakfast nook.
I didn't know what I was going to do until I wrote my post for today.
See how inspiration works!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

A mini-album
I've noticed that I have a lot of photos of shoes in
my computer Picture Folders.
A small and quick mini album was born.
It was lots of fun to create as it was out-of-the-norm
and small ( 6x6inches).
It's not completed, and not in it's final order...
but contains enough pages to share.
Click on the pictures for detail or to read
the narrative.
The front & back cover are made out of acrylic.

So... when you open the cover you have to make certain
that the inside of the cover works for you as
it is transparent.
Surprise, Junie Moon!!
Your bare feet made my album.

It was fun not worrying about each page being the same sixe.
There are a variety of page sizes and shapes in this album.
Such fun to experiment!

Kristin's socks were my original Blog Header almost
a year ago.

The pink flower has beads sewn to the center.

Kristin's green heels didn't photograph as well as I'd
have liked. But it was 1:30 in the morning
and I was in terrible light.

Wendy was lying on the floor with her feet in the air
when I got this shot of her new clogs.
They're hand painted and memorable.
My favorite 2 pages.
The girls' baby shoes.
Kristin's white shoes on the right have indents in the soft leather
of each precious little toe.

That's all for now!
But there is still a stack of pictures to work on another day.
I have another project in the making.
I'll share it with you when completed.
It is Marie Claire inspired.
Make it a great weekend!!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

(( A Tutorial ))
I bought the magazine, Paper Trends, because of this tutorial in it.
I want to share it for anyone else who would like to make
a pair... or be inspired to cover something else with ribbon.
Let your imagination fly!
1. Use a pair of shoes that is as plain as possible. Even canvas shoes
will work.
2. Gather up ribbon scraps or buy some ribbon to match an outfit.
3. Paint RIBBONSTIFF by Strano Designs across the back of each
ribbon and let it dry.

4. Start with the heel of one shoe. Measure a wide piece of ribbon
and fold in half over the heel. Glue in place

5. Measure, cut, and glue pieces of ribbon to cover the rest of the shoe.
You can put the ribbon edges flush with each other or overlap them.

6. To help keep the ribbon stay in place, paint over them with several
coats of a decoupage medium.


Use strong double-sided adhesive to attach the ribbon
or you can try using the decoupage medium.
Just think of all the possibilities!!

I'm thinking of a ribbon purse or clutch.
( Photos are from Paper Trends )
Make this a good day!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I've been slacking with posts and comments... sorry!
Just so darn busy lately... so much going on.
I, Joni Possin, promise to try to do better.
Wendy emailed me some pictures last night and
I had to share them.
They are of her guest room and inspired me
with an idea or two.
I love these little felt birds in a nest that she hung
from the ceiling to go with her new quilt & shams.
What fun these little birds would be to make!
I might have to go shopping for a nest today.
This is the bird quilt that Kristin and I gave her at her wedding
Barb, her mother-in-law-to be gave her the matching quilted
pillow shams.
Wendy bought the bird sheets with a gift card from the shower.
There's a closer pic of them next. Soooo cute!
The picture above the bed is from Kristin and is a sister picture of
the two of them.

Whoops... straighten out the bird picture!
You can see the sheets a little better in this photo.

And this my friends, is my grand-dog WYLIE.
Wendy said that he is so proud of his new float.
It was a great weekend...
1. I won some back issues of Marie Claire Idees on an Ebay auction.
2. I mastered a perfect chain stitch and started a bird pillow.
3. Had a lovely afternoon with Boyd's whole family in Oshkosh
and heard all about Johnny Depp's filming there.
4. Got some miles in on the treadmill.
5. The grass is turning green after our long winter.
6. Started a new mini acrylic scrapbook about 'Shoes'.
7. Bought a cute purse pattern and some great fabric from Fat Quarters.
8. It was warm enough to wear flats without nylons.
Great feeling!!
Make it a GREAT day!!
PS You must read Junie Moon's post today.
It will give you a smile for the rest of the day!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

"The Shower"
These photos will probably only be of interest to the
people that were at the shower.
But, come in and take a peek if you'd like to.
As so many of you in Blogland are friends and like family.
This was Wendy's FAMILY shower.
It was held at her father & step-mom's house
in Oshgosh (B'gosh).
And NO... we didn't get to see Johnny Depp as
the weather was terrible.
Come in and join the fun.
And here she is... the BRIDE-TO-BE!
All decked out in an Anthropologie outfit.
That does sound like runway commentary! The house was full of pink tulips... Wendy's wedding flower.
Every room had several arrangements.
Soooooooo pretty!
Thanks Marcia!!

Kristin, who will be the maid-of-honor, had just run

a half marathon (13 miles) in the morning.

She looked so spring-like in her new J. Crew outfit.
Love that silk skirt!
White sangria with strawberries and mint was the
This is Marcia, the girls' step-mom.
Wendy was registered at Pottery Barn and she received so many
lovely gifts and gift cards.
Kristin and I gave her this quilt, with adorable appliqued
birds on it, for her guest room.
Barb, her mother-in-law-to-be gave her the matching
pillow shams.
Wendy and best-friend Jennifer (since they were 5).

The cute lady in the pink is Barb, Wendy's mother-in-law-to-be.

This is Allison, my girls' step-sister.
I've known Allison since she was in kindergarten.
She'll always have a special place in my heart.
This is Mary Robyn and Laurel... also my girls' step-sisters.
Yes, they are twins! But Laurel just got bangs cut.
Now, even I can tell them apart.
Aren't they gorgeous!!
After Wendy had opened all of her gifts, then everyone else
got to open their goody bags.
"The South Loop Girls"
Kristin and 3 friends from Chicago who came up to Oshkosh
because of the marathon in the morning.
They came to the shower to have lunch with us.
Thanks guys!! There was lots of fun and laughter and reminiscing.
That cute little gal with the glasses is Allison's daughter.
"Beanie" is in 3rd grade and extremely bright & talented.
I think everyone had a great time.
The party moved to Jennifer's and then a favorite night spot.
Little sleep was had by the younger set.
Did I hear Kristin and Allison had a 'dance-off' in the wee hours??
Love to all!!
Next project...
A bird pillow for Wendy with embroidery on it.
So don't give up on me, there's a creative blog on it's way.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"The Goody Bags"
I promised to share what I put in the wedding shower goody bags
and I'll do that today.
For the people who were at the shower and would like to see some of
the pictures of Wendy's shower itself...
I'll post those tomorrow or the next.
Well, here they are... completed and ready to be opened.Each bag had a pink and green 'tissue holder' in it.
Nicolette sent me one that she'd made from a lovely blue & white
Dutch fabric (I carry it with me all the time).
I carefully opened all of her sewing to make a pattern
and then sewed it back together.

Paper tablets with a magnet on the back.
How lucky was I to find the right colors and even the tulips!!

I made a card for each bag from a store-bought card and
Added a photo of tulips mounted on black cardstock.

Bubble gum and green apple candy sticks from a great
candy store in our little town.
Some were tied with green ribbon.

The tulips that I shared in an earlier post.
The tulips are wood but flat. I glued on a small wooden block on
the back so they would stand.

I saw this on someone's blog (???)
and googled it.
The pink hot chocolate was available in lots of online shops
and from several companies.
It had to be PINK!

Pink Tulip soap!!!
An Etsy find from Hello Crafty.
She was WONDERFUL to work with.
She did a rush order, wrapped them, and even tied them
with this adorable pink and green ribbon.
They smell wonderful and are made with great-for-the-skin
This photographed big but is really a small box with 2 chocolate
meltaways from our local chocolate maker.
They are yummy!!
The goody bags are done, distributed, and now shared with you.
Now I can move on to one of the projects I kept a list of
while working on the above.

Wendy is still here from Arizona, so I'm off and running!!