Thursday, October 16, 2008

This 'n That

I've been posting once a week.
I've decided... to do shorter posts, but
several times a week.
1. Playing with Photoshop.
I snapped pics of Fall trees/leaves today and used Photoshop
to add this Fall quote on the photo.
I really need to spend some serious time with Photoshop and
learn to utilize all that I'll be able to do with it.
2. Several 12 x 12 layouts.
I will be working on my girl's layouts for the rest of my life
as I only started a few years ago.
Lots and lots of years to catch up with.
This 'bald child' is actually ME! Look at the date!
Yup... that's how old I am.
I'll be 65 on November 9th... that is a
"Welcome to Medicare" year.

This is Wendy, Allison (middle), and Kristin.
Sadly, there are so many pictures of Halloween that have been
lost or ruined through the years and I feel terrible about that.
So many creative costumes and fun times that will live only
in our memories.

This is Kristin dressed as a flapper.

Not seasonal... but, one of my favorites.

3. Asymmetrical Balance
I hadn't even noticed this pile until Boyd pointed it out...
and it is right on the floor next to my desk.
I think I have some reorganizing to do as
the holiday seasons approach.
It's amazing what one can get used to, live with,
and not even see after a while.

Make this a great weekend!

Love to you,


Helen said...

I am with Joni. I am scrapping for the now, thinking there will be time for reflective scrapping on the early years in time.

These are great and I look forward to taking this journey with you.

Have a lovely weekend.

Angie said...

I love your layouts. And, I swear there are at least three baskets in my house that are "asymmetrically balanced" like yours! :)


Wanda said...

What a cool picture of the leaves with the quote... I don't have photo shop, but need to learn more on the program I do have.

I can't believe you are going to be November... You certainly don't look it. But I know what you mean, I'm 67 and don't feel or act near that!!!

Let's stay young together Joni!!!

Happy Birthday....coming up.

Saucy said...

Photoshop is a blast, but there is so much to learn. I love your layouts, too. That mag pile is certainly something I can identify with!

Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog, it made my day. I did feel like I was on "House" or "St. Elsewhere", remember that show?