Monday, October 6, 2008


My Tuesdays in Chris's 1st grade classroom
have been lots of fun.
I thought you might like to see some of my projects with the class.
Maybe they'll even give you an inspiration
for an activity to try with your family.
This is the red tub we keep our Tuesday "Mini Books" in... and
keep in the classroom library corner for reading.Week #1

Week #2

Week #3

Week #4

Week #5

Tomorrow I'm reading a favorite monster book...
Maggie and the Monster
and we'll be making a 'Not so Scary Monster' book.
I'll share it next week.


A yummy pumpkin spice frapuccino cream.

Some added bling to an old candle.

Poking around the neighborhood with my camera.
Tip-toeing onto a lawn with camera.

Aren't these lovely!

Goodies in a footed dish in a local store.
Have some virtual candy...
low in calories that way!!

Make this a great week!
Love to you,


Thimbleanna said...

That's funny, I write my name just like that LOL! Thanks for all the peeks at the decorating inspiration!

jacquie said...

thanks for the candy and the fally feeling! what fun activities you've done with the kids!

Laura said...

those wreaths hanging from the ribbons are just beautiful!

hunnybunny said...

The stuff you did with the kids is very cool. Plus all your decorating is lovely...
but to be honest I'm stuck on the Starbucks drink, which is odd because I usually
A)Don't like Starbucks
and B)Believe coffee belongs
in everything.
That looks like Pumpkin Mousse in a cup, yum!!! Is that what it tastes like? Is it worth the half hour drive I am about to make Mr. Bunny make this weekend (keep in mind there will be books too.) LOL
I'm loving your posts!!!

Helen said...

Gosh! Wish you could come to my son's class! These are great. And I love all your home decorations as well. I did not know the celebration of autumn was such a big deal.

Angie said...

These are gorgeous, my friend. I especially like the "bling" on the candle.

Rachel Carlson said...

great decor for fall here! i went to look for my fall boxes and they are missing - GULP! pout... cheers, rachel

Isabelle said...

I bet Chris is delighted to have your help - and the children too. Everything looks lovely.