Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ready... hold on to your hats...
These albums were $1.00 each at Target in their Dollar display
at the front of the store.
They also had coordinating ribbon, stickers, paper , and letters.
Soooooo... my $1.00 bargain cost $63.00 before I
left the store.
But that was 2 bags of goodies!
Some I shared, some I used, and some I stored for next year.
That's what I call "YUMMERS" !!!

This is the cover of my almost completed Fall 2008 album.

Fall is my favorite time of the year... stimulates all my senses.

Boyd made and canned applesauce this year.
He added some blueberries and strawberries.
Pretty and YUMMY!!
He also made spaghetti sauce and canned it.
Fresh herbs, garlic, red wine, and so on.
The guest bathroom is my favorite to decorate.
The towels were my starting colors.
Love, love, love a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino Blended creme lite!
New additions to my Halloween stash.
I try to add something new each year.
I notice I'm getting much pickier
and giving non-favorites to Goodwill.

When the porch has Fall color I feel...
"If I go no further, this will do!"

The wreath on the front door is actually the first
Fall decoration to appear... always!

The inside of our home is cozy and welcoming.
Fun to decorate!

More inside our home!

We have this lovely store in DePere with a lovely owner named Patty.
I bought Kristin and Wendy each... the 3 sparkly pumpkins
in the photo below... to help them celebrate this wonderful season.
Patty wrapped them in black shiny paper with gold ribbon
and a huge bow.
I had them packed and mailed.
They arrived with bow still perky.

These are Wendy and Darin's doggies in Arizona.
These are their last-year costumes.
Can't wait to see how Wendy dresses them this year!

And here's our Gabby-the-cat.
She'd never tolerate a costume... Queen of the house that she is.

I have a few blank pages to go and will finish them up today.
This is a busy week and I'd like to clean off my work table
to start a new project.

Make this a good week!
Thanks for stopping by... whether you leave a
comment or not!
Love to you all,


peata said...

what a good score!

make a mini album
mini scrapbook blog

Helen said...

got to love a bargain! WOW! Such a super selection. Have a great week Grammy J!

Familia Stilwell said...

Hey, I found those same scrapbooks at our Target! Wasn't that great?! I called my SOL and I think between the two of us we cleaned them out! :) They will make fun b-day and Christmas gifts for our girls' friends, too! Our 5 year old just got one from her auntie along with some other scrapbook goodies from that same $1 rack and she was THRILLED! Gotta love a good bargain! :)

nicolette said...

That’s a bargain you can’t refuse Mrs Yummers! I love to see all the Halloween decorations!
Happy week!

KCQuilter said...

Wow, how darling!!! I MUST get to Tarjay today!!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Joni -- what a great bargain! It looks like you're all decorated and ready for fall!

darl_jo said...

what a steal! take advantage of it for those of us who don't have a Target!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your fall album!

Nan said...

Your projects are always so inspiring, then I leave your page and think "one of these days" but I never DO it, hum... at a buck a piece, I just don't see why I don't go scope Target out tomorrow and see if I can find something here in my neck of the woods.