Monday, October 20, 2008

M is for... Monday

M is for... Monday... Today... A fresh start!
1. M is for ... 'Made-ahead'.
I am such a fan of Ali Edward's work, philosophy, books, and so on.
(My hyperlink isn't working so FYI
I read her blog every morning with my first cup of tea.
I've decided to put all that I've learned from her into practice.
She suggests that scrap albums be made "ahead of time"
to save stress during holidays, etc.
She also suggests that you "keep it simple"!
I really need to embrace that as I get carried away very easily.
This is my Thanksgiving album (still on my work table).
The album itself is completed and the pages inside are almost
done... ready to glue in photos and journaling.
I'll share the pages with you later in the week and show you
some tips I've picked up from Ali.
We'll be in Phoenix for 9 days (coming home December 3rd) and
I'll be sooooo anxious to get Christmas decorating started and
all that goes with that fantastic time of the year.
I'll be able to finish my Thanksgiving album quickly and move on.
I'll journal while I'm at Wendy and Darin's house
and maybe even print some of the photos.
I feel so relaxed about this project.
Album: Exposures
Embellishments: Basic Grey "Ambosia" collection

2. M is for ... Mmmmmmmmmm!
This is my favorite anytime drink... vanilla chai (no sugar added).
3-4 spoonfuls in a pretty mug, hot water, fat-free whipped cream,
and a hardy sprinkling of cinnamon.
I buy it from online.
I only like the Big Train brand... which they carry.
I bought a case (no shipping) and it arrives quickly.
They have lots of different flavors and will send you samples.
I just tried their Gingerbread Chai and it was yummy.
You can make Starbucks and their over-priced drinks,
a thing of the past.

3. M is for... Monsters!
I found these cuties in the dollar bins at Target.
They are adorable in person.
They are going to Chris's first grade classroom.

4. M is for... Monk
We have been so hooked on the TV series Monk. He is such a character!
We got several seasons from Netflix and more from our
local video store.
Monk is on channel USA but we prefer to watch DVDs
as there are no commercials.
This year (2008) is season #7.
Monk is a detective with extreme OCD
(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
He continues to add new phobias with each episode.

5. M is for... Magazines.
The Christmas magazines have hit the stores and I love it!
So much inspiration and ideas for the holidays.

6. M is for... More Candy!

When I see a dull spot in the house that needs a touch
of Fall, I just add a pretty dish of Candy Corn with
a silver spoon and the area lights up.
We're not tempted with this kind of candy so
it's OK to have it around.
Not only a touch of color but a treat for guests.

Make this a Marvelous Monday!

Hugs, Joni


nicolette said...

Love al your M&M’s.. LOL! Christmas Magazines already??? We have to wait another month at the least!

Familia Stilwell said...

Great idea for working ahead on the albums! I will have to try that. Love the candy corn idea, too. Have a great week.

Anina said...

Your posts always make me smile!

sassy studio said...! Those monster are so sweet! I wish we had target in Canada! I know his gr 1 teacher will love them! ( I am a former gr 1 teacher!!!) Thanks for stopping by my blog..I'll be back!

Helen said...

heheheh...and M is for a Magnificent blog entry. I always learn so much.

Molly said...

Joni: thank you for the excellent baking tips! I'll defintately use and pass those along with your link. Also, there is no specific time to bake or post. It's up to you - keeping it totally easy for everyone.

That thanksgiving album looks so great.

Wanda said...

Love your "M" post. All the pictures are either darling, or yummy.

I've got my decorations up now... this house is much smaller, so I had to downsized but it still looks festive...

You are such a clever and artistic person....everything you do gets an A+ !!


Rob and Julie said...

Love your Thanksgiving album - it's such fun colors! It was nice to see you in the store today and I'm glad we exhcanged "blog addresses". :-)


Angie said...

I love all these "m" things. Mmmmmmmmm. :)

I've gotten a couple Christmas magazines, and they are WONDERFUL. There's something so fun and enjoyable about sitting down with a book FULL of inspiration.

Stay warm!!!