Sunday, October 26, 2008


I finished my Thanksgiving Album... as far as I can go at this time.
It's ready for our Thanksgiving adventure in Phoenix...
ready for the photos and journaling that I will add to it
to make it "our story" (the most important part).
I shared the album cover on my last post.
It's a 3 ring binder... 8 1/2 x 11 inches.
Page 1: Our travel day to Phoenix.
The journaling will be later recorded on a transparency on the
lower third of each day page. I don't want to hide the lovely papers.
I'll keep a small notebook in my
purse to record events and happenings throughout each day.
Photos and more journaling will go on several extra pages
that follow each tabbed page.

Page 2: Besides the journaling on a transparency for
the bottom of the page, I tried to leave room at the top for
a photo.

Page 3: My daughter Kristin will be flying in from Chicago
and we'll all be together.

Time to record all our blessings in photos and words.

Day 5: The busiest shopping day of the year.
We'll be off to the stores very early (a tradition).
Phoenix has WONDERFUL stores/shops/malls!
Our favorite... Sax Fifth Ave. outlet!

Day 6: SPA DAY!!
My birthday gift from Wendy & Kristin is a whole
day at the Camelback Inn and Spa in Scottsdale.
We've already been mailed our itinerary for the day.
I can't wait to have the girls all to myself in a relaxed
We shall be pampered!!

Day 7: Rest & Relaxation...
and a bit of shopping and hot-tubbing.

Day 8: Kristin returns to Chicago.

Day 9: An anything-can-happen day!

Day 10: Boyd and I return home.
Here is a sample of the extra photo pages that follow each
tabbed page.

I have the Christmas bug the last few days.
I'll share some of my projects next time!
Make this a great weekend!


Isabelle said...

I'm just catching up after being away and as usual your lovely enthusiasm has cheered me up. I need cheering up because tomorrow I go back to work - alas, alas - and now need to do a whole lot of marking for this - further alases.

Have a lovely time in Phoenix!

Laura said...

that is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Helen said...

the Christmas bug! Eeekkk! This is just fabulous....great work Joni.

artisbliss said...

Beautiful work, Joni. I love the colors.

jacquie said...

making are the QUEEN! i love all the colors and the designs. this will be a family treasure.

sassy studio said...

I love your idea of using a binder! Any tips for covering? I would love to try that! Did you really pre-scrap? You are scap-tastic! WoW!

Nan said...

I haven't commented in awhile, I am keeping up with you, but thought I'd stop and say "hello"

As usual, everything you do is so full of "YOU!" and lovely. Oh to have that ability, I can only dream, well, at least I can stop by and enjoy your talent anyway!

sassy studio said...

Thanks for the play by play on your fab scrap-binder! I can't wait to try one! You will be an amazing Grandma-I'm sure you will scrap everything! Lucky family!

Angie said...

GIRL....this is the BOMB!!!

Anonymous said...

This is lovely, Joni. I recently bought a few sheets of the same papers. They are so perfect for this album. Your trip sounds wonderful!