Friday, August 31, 2007

A little scrapping

I was playing around with digi-scrapping and came up with this layout. When I say "playing around", that's just what I mean... it's been a long time.
This is one of my favorite photos of Kristin and I together. It was taken at her graduation from college. That was such a special day... a special weekend. You can tell how long ago it was by our short haircuts, highlighted hair, and I have a perm... eek!

Off to the heating pad... bad lower back (therefore short 'post').
I'll just have to watch a DVD with my sweet husband.
We're watching a BBC series called 'MI-5' or 'Spooks' in the UK.
Retirement is GREAT!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Purse #2

I finally finished the purse I started several weeks ago.
It was really a learning experience!
Purse #1 was made without a pattern... copied a Vera Bradley bag that I own. It was a rather easy bag to make. Thank goodness! I'm giving it to a teacher friend for a back-to-school present.
Purse #2 is only my 4th sewing project.
I used an AMY BUTLER pattern and KAFFE FASSETT fabric.
It's difficult to see in the photo, but the top of the bag is slightly smaller than the bottom. It's designed that way. However, I sewed pieces upside down several times... and ripped and ripped and ripped. There are 2 sets of pockets in the inside (purple and white polka dot fabric) and I sewed them upside down, too.
I'm not even going to start sharing the interfacing fiasco I had. But the results were that I had the poor little purse so stiff that I couldn't turn it inside out.
Maybe I'll put a plant in it.
The overall look is what I wanted, but I took so many extra steps to get there. I should make another one right away while the 'learning' is fresh in my head.
I think I'll read a book!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Why not add ONE MORE project?

I loooooooooove dollhouses... always have.
I have had many in my lifetime... cardboard... metal... wood.

Both of my daughters have lovely wooden houses which they stored at my house when they 'left the nest'. Kristin's chalet-style house is stored on a shelf in the basement, but Wendy took hers with her when she moved to Arizona last month.
This house is Wendy's. I remodeled it several summers ago and it has lived on a step in the sun porch since then. An adorable family of 3 bears (from England) resided in the house. It was such fun decorating it for each of the seasons. But now it's gone!

So, I found a dollhouse kit online and it just arrived. I'm really pleased with the quality of the wood, etc. It's going to be a lot sturdier than most I looked at in Hobby Lobby. The finished house in the photo below is not the way mine will look when completed. I have a lot of 'tweaking' to do. It's small 24"x16" and 20"high (1" to 1' scale). Just right for the TV/guest room and sturdy enough for visiting little people to play with.

My husband is cleaning off his workbench at this very moment. I'll take pictures as we go through the building, painting, and decorating processes.

Monday, August 27, 2007

It's a bird...
It's a plane...
It's SuperDOG!!!

Wyley-the-purse !

Wyley-the-"lets take a rest"-dog!!!

Wyley is adjusting quickly to his new home and family. He has even graduated to the BIG POOL!
Hooray for Wyley!!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wyley has a new home!!

My daughter picked up her new puppy today from the breeder. He's a Westie (West Highland Terrier) and is 5 months old. She and Darin bought him over a week ago, but Wendy had an 8 day business trip and didn't want to bring him home until she returned. They named him Wyley. The pool he's playing in was his favorite activity at the breeders and they gave it to Wendy to take with her. They live in Arizona where summers are VERY hot, so I can see why Wyley loves his water play so much. Wendy took these photos this afternoon on their patio. It's a very little pool... but just right for him at this size.

Wendy and Darin have an in ground pool and Shamrock (go back several blogs) loved to float on a raft in it. I think little Wyley is going to follow in his footsteps and be in the big pool before long.
I just talked to Wendy and she said that the little guy has been going strong all day and still isn't tired. She was yawning! Should be an interesting first night.
I'll keep you all updated.
That's my granddog!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

MORE 'catching up on 30 years'.

I am still working hard to catch up on the 30 years I didn't scrapbook the girls' growing-up years. So at least once a week, I'll share some of their layouts. I'm not working on them in any particular order... just working! This layout has a very early photo of Wendy, all tucked into a little ball with her bottom in the air. My mom found this precious antique crib for her. It was small and she was big (Wendy was 9lbs 13oz and Kristin was 10lbs 10 ozs... ouch!!!) I did sew back in those days and made the sheets, bumper-guards, and appliqued pillow. On the LO I journaled on a clear piece of acetate and put it over the patterned paper with brads.
I think it's interesting how different individual styles are of scrapbookers. My daughters always say that they would recognize mine anyplace. I use a lot of patterned paper and rarely pastel colors. The elephants were scanned and saved and then enlarged and printed on cardstock. I use that technique a lot for embellishments.

Silly Wendy! She has the greatest sense of humor... always has. In this photo she had on a headband with wire feelers on it. I cut them off in the picture and actually made them of wire for dimension. The alligator came from the paper background, scanned, enlarged, printed and cut out. I added some googly eyes to go along with the silliness of the LO.
Instead of journaling in a narrative form, I just added a list of adjectives that described Wendy.
Thanks for letting me share. That's so much fun!

Monday, August 20, 2007


My dad had to go to New York after a hurricane hit the East coast when I was young. He was there to assess damage and was gone for 3 long months. Each day in the mail he sent me a Hallmark Doll Card. I eventually had all three collections... Land of Make Believe... Dolls of Many Nations... Little Women (from the book).
I remember waiting for the mailman and savoring the experience of opening the envelope. Each doll, whether girl or boy, had a colored feather in their hat, and a colored sequin someplace on their clothing. Inside the card was the story of that character. I loved to stand them around my room on every open surface and then take them down and sort them according to gender or genre. When my dad finally came home he brought me the albums that held the dolls. I had them for a long, long, time... and like many things from the past they disappeared.
One day when I was browsing Ebay, I came across a few of the cards. I just bought one so I could hold it in my hands again. One of these days I'll do a scrapbook layout with it. Such fond memories!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


We just finished watching
Charles Dickens' Bleak House.
We really enjoyed it!!
It was an 8 hour series that was broken down into shorter episodes.
We got ours from Netflix, but I saw it on and I would think it's in video stores too.
This BBC version is a remake of the old Masterpiece Theater offering.
We felt the acting was excellent as were the settings and story. There are a lot of interesting characters, and so many of them looked familiar. We keep a wireless laptop on the coffee table for just those occasions, so we can look up 'who's who' in movies as we watch.
The story is about an unsettled court case regarding an inheritance. There's several mysteries taking place along with some romance, humor and a bit of sadness.
A bit of trivia: One of the characters is a policeman who is supposedly the first real detective in English fiction.
My husband and I both enjoyed Bleak House and I hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy it too.
Do you have several favorite DVD titles you'd like to share? We're always looking for a good movie.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

A book I'll NEVER forget...
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa Lee is a WONDERFUL, breathtaking book.
A story of LOVE.
I enjoyed every word & every page of it and it's now on my list of "Ten Top Favorites".
Buy it (it's paperback) or borrow it and sink into it's riveting and sometimes heartbreaking story.
The setting is 19th century China.
The main characters are Lily and SnowFlower who are paired together at the age of 7 years to be 'Laotongs'... an emotional match 'contracted' to last a lifetime.
They write to each other on the folds of a fan and record special events and feelings. They endure footbinding together, arranged marriages, joys and tragedies. The author takes you into the room in the Chinese house that women lived in and she shares their traditions, their loneliness, their solace and their unforgettable treatment as women.
You'll never forget this story!
For more good reads, visit Mel at Lit Chick

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Catching up!!

Someone mentioned... on their blog... that they had finally caught up with 'last summer' in their kid's scrapbooks. Girls, I'm 30 years behind!!
I hadn't started scrapbooking until about 5 years ago. And it wasn't until last year that I had the courage to start my daughters' scrapbooks.
Soooooo... I have a long way to go!!! But I've made a pretty big dent in the pile of photos in the past year.
I'm also doing pretty quick layouts. But, I do like the way they look and the stories they tell. I sent sweet Boyd out in the middle of winter to look for bottles of bubbles. But, he did find some! I wanted to take a picture of the bottles lined up and I wanted the plastic bubble wand as an embellishment.
Mission accomplished!
The girls and I had always been Raggedy Ann book fans.
They had the cutest jumpers with R. Ann on the front and they wore them to shreds.
I found a copy of their favorite book on ebay and bought it. Scanned the cover and an illustration from the story. Printed and cut and embellished.

I had a photographer go to the park with the girls when they were little and just work with black and white film. Recently I printed a sheet with multiple copies of Wendy laughing and repeated the 'multiple idea' with several styles of the word SMILE. Much brighter in person.

So, when you think you're behind with your photos... remember me!

PS Today I sewed the 'triangular shaped' sides on a purse... upside down.
I'm not pulling it apart either... I'm just creating a new shape for a purse.
I'll post a photo when the 'creation' is completed.

Monday, August 13, 2007

I am a Grammy!

When my daughter Wendy lost her beloved SHAMROCK several weeks ago, she was a sobbing girl. It broke my heart to see my daughter so upset. But, slowly her fingers crept to the internet and soon she found 2 male Westies (West Highland Terriers) in nearby Scottsdale AZ. They (Wendy and Darin) made an appointment to see the two puppies. It had to be a love match or she'd keep looking. The whole time they were at the breeders home, the 2 pups were jumping in the pool, climbing out, and back again into the pool. Wendy and Darin do have a pool so this was a good sign. And here he is, WYLIE, my new granddog!! How cute is he!! He's actually staying with the breeder, as Wendy left this morning for an 8 day business trip. They'll pick up WYLIE when she gets home. She works out of their home 3 out of 4 weeks, so she'll be able to give him lots of love and guidelines. Darin rescued a dog from New Orleans during the disaster, so WYLIE will be coming home to a big brother ALFRED.
I thought you'd enjoy this picture of the litter, before the others were sold (WYLIE is the dog in the middle in the front). Aren't they adorable?? I'm so excited to be a Grammy again.
Hugs to you all,

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Michelle from 'Mission Creativity'
Please send me your name & address via my email on the upper right side of my site.
Thanks to everyone who left their name. Sorry you didn't win... but I know you're all winners anyway!!!
Watch my site for another giveaway sometime in the next 2 weeks.
Hugs to you all,

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I am GIVING AWAY a copy of Artful Blogging...
as I bought 2 copies and would love to share one.
The magazine is fun, fun, fun!!
Wonderful inspiring articles about bloggers... some you may have had contact with.
The magazine is thick... 144 pages and is going to be published quarterly.
It costs $14.95 in the US and could be yours free.
Just leave a quick comment and I will have my husband draw a name this weekend.
The copy is already in a mailer and ready to go to the post office.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Swimming in the lake and encountering a snorkeling sea monster named Boyd.Eating lots of ICE CREAM and getting messy.

More time with good friends Jen and Chris...
because they're not working in the summer.
Our husbands are shucking corn and tending the BBQ
so that we can have lots of 'together time'.

The glorious 4th of July!

Flowers in the window boxes.
Lots of time outside.
Not tanning anymore... but reading in the shade.

Flowers all over the place.
These are a welcome as you come in the front door.

And strawberries! On, in and over things.
And all the wonderful Farmer's markets abundant with fresh veggies and fruit.

I have to confess... my friend Chris made this cake, not me.

Just a quick list.
What is SUMMER to you?

Monday, August 6, 2007

What Fun!!!

WOW!! Look what landed on my blog from Two Lime Leaves. Thanks a lot Kristy. My daughters should have a good laugh over this... "My mom rocks????"Now, I get to nominate 5 Rockin' bloggers who I think are special and deserve this award. And they are... drumroll please...

1. Angie from This is My Real Blog because she has become a dear friend who will always be a part of my life... and what a sense of humor!!
2. Mel from Lit Chick because she has given me sooooo many good ideas for books to read & because I'm smitten with her son 'the Owen'.

3. Helen from Hancock Updates because she is such a caring, dear person and soooo talented with photography and digital scrapping.

4. Isabelle from In This Life because she was the first person I met when I started my blog and she's got the greatest little kittens you'll fall in love with.

5. Samantha from The Handmade Dress because she makes the most beautiful, detailed smocked dresses for little girls. They are beyond beautiful and so worth looking at.

If you click on their sites you can find out for yourself why they are so special.


This is my 'Blessings' book. I created it last summer and frequently add to it.
Our lives... our days... are filled with so many blessings from God. It's such fun to record them and later browse through the book and reread and be reminded. I'll share an entry with you. Boyd... a true blessing in my life.
He was so pleased when he saw this page... he felt so loved! On this page I just did a small informal layout of a few of the things I love about him .
On the page across from this, I journaled. Short, but to the point.

It would be fun and meaningful to do this with your family. At the end of the day, ask if anyone has something to add to 'The Blessing Book'. Record it! If a child wants to draw a picture to be pasted onto the page, that would be a wonderful addition. After a while your family will become more aware of 'small' things that are special.
And what a lovely family tradition.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sewing Project #3

This is an apron I finished today for my daughter Wendy.
My new sewing machine is beginning to feel more familiar and comfortable.The fabric is from JoAnn's. It is a fairly sturdy fabric and was perfect for an apron. The ties at the waist are quite long so that she can wrap them around and tie them in the front if she wants... or not
The bow on the pocket was removed as I thought it looked too 'foo-foo' for Wendy. She lives in Arizona so the colors are good year-round.

Next project... hmmmm?? Something for my other daughter Kristin? A Kaffe Fassett quilted purse with tortoise shell handles for Fall? So many possibilities...


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Ding, Dong... The Fabric Fairy is Here!
And the doorbell rang again before I could get to the door from my reclining position on the chaise.
I threw my book into the air and where it landed I don't care!
It was one of my favorite people... the cute little UPS man in his cute little brown truck. He only brings good things!
"Package from the Fabric Fairy... sign here, please", he sang.
You betcha!!
Ceremoniously, I set the box on the coffee table, and got a really cold, cold, cold Diet Pepsi.
I settled on the couch with scissors in hand... wait, a gulp of the soda... and carefully opened the package.
Slooooooowly... delaying the gratification.
I carefully folded back the cardboard flaps, as a dazzling display of color blinded my eyes. WOW... where are my sunglasses?
And what would be the next thing any blogger would do? You bet... get that camera for this photo op.
Snap! Snap! Snap!
Oooooooh... after all these years, Kaffe Fassett has come to my house to stay.
What a lovely afternoon... swoon!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I Laughed so hard...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
YOU KNOW YOU'RE A QUILTER WHEN... happily spend all day prewashing quilt fabric but when it comes to doing "real" laundry, you procrastinate til everyone is on their last pair of undies and socks. request double prints when you take your film in for processing - and there isn't a kidshot on the roll.

.....when the phrase "Block Parent" doesn't refer to neighbourhood safety.

.....when your 3 yr old knows what an Ohio Star is and looks forward to finding "frabric" in the mail as much as you do.