Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Catching up!!

Someone mentioned... on their blog... that they had finally caught up with 'last summer' in their kid's scrapbooks. Girls, I'm 30 years behind!!
I hadn't started scrapbooking until about 5 years ago. And it wasn't until last year that I had the courage to start my daughters' scrapbooks.
Soooooo... I have a long way to go!!! But I've made a pretty big dent in the pile of photos in the past year.
I'm also doing pretty quick layouts. But, I do like the way they look and the stories they tell. I sent sweet Boyd out in the middle of winter to look for bottles of bubbles. But, he did find some! I wanted to take a picture of the bottles lined up and I wanted the plastic bubble wand as an embellishment.
Mission accomplished!
The girls and I had always been Raggedy Ann book fans.
They had the cutest jumpers with R. Ann on the front and they wore them to shreds.
I found a copy of their favorite book on ebay and bought it. Scanned the cover and an illustration from the story. Printed and cut and embellished.

I had a photographer go to the park with the girls when they were little and just work with black and white film. Recently I printed a sheet with multiple copies of Wendy laughing and repeated the 'multiple idea' with several styles of the word SMILE. Much brighter in person.

So, when you think you're behind with your photos... remember me!

PS Today I sewed the 'triangular shaped' sides on a purse... upside down.
I'm not pulling it apart either... I'm just creating a new shape for a purse.
I'll post a photo when the 'creation' is completed.


Sonnja said...

What a lovely scrapbooks you made.
Kind Regards,


Angie said...

Okay, you laughed out loud at my comment. . .I gasped out loud when I read about your purse. I'm sorry.

I sat and hand-quilted a baby quilt top that I bought at an antique store years ago. It was very good to sit and sew. I have a LOOOOOOOONG way to go. But, I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Love these scrapbook pages, my dear!!

Rhona said...

Well done on starting the girls scrapbooks. I too am a long way behind and I'm certainly not being terribly productive at the moment. I'll get there

Angie said...

I've tried to send you two e-mails, and they've bounced. Sigh.

Hope you're having a good Wednesday!!

Angie said...

got your comments. . .thanks. I will post a picutre of the quilt in question tonight. It's just a simple little thing. . . I wish I knew more about its origin. Oh well.

I'm trying to get my work done. . .but alas, it's not happening!

de vliegende koe said...

I don’t do the scrapbooking stuff, I only tape photos into albums and write some funny things, ha ha. But the problem is when you are about 10 years behind, you don‘t remember all the funny details, so my photos are all in boxes now. Since the digital era, I don’t even bother to have them printed anymore. Such a shame...

amandajean said...

love the bubbles page. nice job!

JaimeM said...

Love the scrapbook pages! And I thought I felt WAY behind with my four year old! Thank you for sharing your lovely pages and thanks for stopping by my blog today!Come back anytime.:)

Helen Hancock said...

Girl....these pages are YUM-OH!!!! I love them! They are .... so....Joni! Wonderful, bright and bubbly! TFS! We want more now.....bring it on!

melanie said...

love the bubble wand on the layout. you have such great pictures - love that you had the foresight to use black & white.
so cool!


little dresses said...

You are doing a great job! I wish I had the time to make my children scrapbooks. I love having a blog because it kinda forces me to take pics and write down all these funny stories. I have decided I will print it out every couple of months so I can keep it for them. I know it's lame, but it is all I have time for!

lindiepindie said...

30 years, that's sweet. :o) If you had started 30 years ago, they would have looked VERY plain, since there wasn't all the fun stuff that is around now. Cute pages. Happy scrapping!