Thursday, August 23, 2007

Wyley has a new home!!

My daughter picked up her new puppy today from the breeder. He's a Westie (West Highland Terrier) and is 5 months old. She and Darin bought him over a week ago, but Wendy had an 8 day business trip and didn't want to bring him home until she returned. They named him Wyley. The pool he's playing in was his favorite activity at the breeders and they gave it to Wendy to take with her. They live in Arizona where summers are VERY hot, so I can see why Wyley loves his water play so much. Wendy took these photos this afternoon on their patio. It's a very little pool... but just right for him at this size.

Wendy and Darin have an in ground pool and Shamrock (go back several blogs) loved to float on a raft in it. I think little Wyley is going to follow in his footsteps and be in the big pool before long.
I just talked to Wendy and she said that the little guy has been going strong all day and still isn't tired. She was yawning! Should be an interesting first night.
I'll keep you all updated.
That's my granddog!!


Michelle said...

What an adorable dog! Congrats on the newest addition to your family. Thanks so much for the magazine. It arrived today. That was so incredibly sweet of you!

Rhona said...

Love your new grandog - very cute! Hope Wendy didn't have too disturbed a night - at 5 months he may be ok. Looking forward to more news as and when.

BarbO said...

Hi Joan...Wyley is a cutie, isn't he? Good thing his brother got adopted, or I would be tempted! Haven't written for awhile, but have enjoyed your blog. Love the "little" Wendy pages, and the old card was a nice story, and always like good book reviews. Hope you and Boyd are doing well. If Oz's travels ever slow down we want to have you and Boyd over to Iowa for a weekend!
Love from The other Grandma!

Helen Hancock said...

Super photos! What fun! Hope he settles in well

de vliegende koe said...

Great photos Joni. I think he will love his new home!

little dresses said...

How cute! I got my magazine today!!!! I was so surprised! How did ya know? Creative Needle is one of my favorites! They have some of the prettiest heirloom dresses. I absolutely love the pattern in this issue! I think I'm gunna make it for an upcoming baby shower, I will post it for you to see. Well I'm off, we are leaving this morning for the beach with Ben's parents we will be back on Tuesday.

Angie said...

He is absolutely adorable! And, so is the fabric & pattern that I received in the mail this afternoon!!!

Hope you had a good weekend. We'll catch up. . .I still need a nap.

amy said...

Oh so cute. My mother-in-law added a little Yorkie to her home last month. He is adorable too. That baby pool idea is a great idea.

Nan said...

OOPS!! I thought he was your pup!
Grand dogs can be especially fun too.
That's one thing about blogs, you read he most recent posts and if you haven't visited it before, which is my case, you don't know the background of what has been going on before.
Maybe I should take up reading them for older posts first!