Thursday, August 16, 2007

A book I'll NEVER forget...
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa Lee is a WONDERFUL, breathtaking book.
A story of LOVE.
I enjoyed every word & every page of it and it's now on my list of "Ten Top Favorites".
Buy it (it's paperback) or borrow it and sink into it's riveting and sometimes heartbreaking story.
The setting is 19th century China.
The main characters are Lily and SnowFlower who are paired together at the age of 7 years to be 'Laotongs'... an emotional match 'contracted' to last a lifetime.
They write to each other on the folds of a fan and record special events and feelings. They endure footbinding together, arranged marriages, joys and tragedies. The author takes you into the room in the Chinese house that women lived in and she shares their traditions, their loneliness, their solace and their unforgettable treatment as women.
You'll never forget this story!
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Helen Hancock said...

Thanks for the review Joni. I am off to check out Lit Chick - even if I can't read them all I love a good review. Have a great Friday!

Angie said...

I've still got some others on the waiting list. . .but this one sounds wonderful!!!

Wanda said...

Wow that sounds so romantic....must check this one out.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this book plug - it sounds FAB!! I think it may one of my next books to buy, I love that kind of book!!! Better go google it now! =)

melanie said...

thanks for the shoutout. so glad you loved snow flower - it really is powerful!
enjoy your weekend.

Isabelle said...

I'm a bit behind with blog reading so have read a few of yours at a time. The scrapbooks look great and as for those puppies...! I'm not really a dog person but they're adorable!