Saturday, August 18, 2007


We just finished watching
Charles Dickens' Bleak House.
We really enjoyed it!!
It was an 8 hour series that was broken down into shorter episodes.
We got ours from Netflix, but I saw it on and I would think it's in video stores too.
This BBC version is a remake of the old Masterpiece Theater offering.
We felt the acting was excellent as were the settings and story. There are a lot of interesting characters, and so many of them looked familiar. We keep a wireless laptop on the coffee table for just those occasions, so we can look up 'who's who' in movies as we watch.
The story is about an unsettled court case regarding an inheritance. There's several mysteries taking place along with some romance, humor and a bit of sadness.
A bit of trivia: One of the characters is a policeman who is supposedly the first real detective in English fiction.
My husband and I both enjoyed Bleak House and I hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy it too.
Do you have several favorite DVD titles you'd like to share? We're always looking for a good movie.


Helen Hancock said...

Oh Joni....we watched it last year...isn't it fantastic! Got to love the BBC! Have a great weekend.

Wanda said...

Oh this does look good! Will have to find this one. Have a great weekend Joni.

Angie said...

We love all sorts of BBC stuff. British comedies are particular favorites of ours. . .

"The Vicar of Dibley"
"Keeping up Appearances"
"Father Ted"
"As Time Goes By"

are favorites.

Caroline wore her dress to church today. Should have some pictures today or tomorrow. She definitely fits this particular size 3 dress!!

Baboona said...

Hi joni !!
I tried emailing you few times i dunno if you got my email ..i think the email I got from your site has something wrong cause it bounced back to me :)

sarah said...

Love your scrapbook pages, i love scrap booking , i really need to catch up on some.

Isabelle said...

Yes, we watched "Bleak House" on tv when it was first made and thought it was very good. Very atmospheric. The lawyer, whose name I forget, was nice and evil, wasn't he? And the fat chap (Johnny Vegas is the actor's name, I think - the evil landlord chap) was exceptionally good. And the man in the wheelchair, with the daughter.

Oh, how sad it is to be unable to remember any names... You wouldn't guess from this comment that I've read the book several times, would you? Mind you, that wasn't yesterday.