Thursday, January 9, 2014


Snowflakes are so beautiful! To think they begin as a tiny snow crystal
and develop as the droplets freeze.
They change shapes and sizes as they travel through
different temperatures and humidity.
Individual snowflakes are nearly unique in structure.
As children we were told that "No two snowflakes are alike".
Scientists have researched and found occasional snowflakes that are different,
but many more that are the same
When we were young, it was fun to catch a snowflake
on our mitten and look closely at their fascinating beauty before they melted.
Many of us learned to handle little scissors by cutting pieces out of
folded white paper and opening the paper to see the magic
that a few snips in paper could produce.
I remember taping these snowflakes to the inside of our windows.
Sometimes we would put the snowflake between 2 pieces
of wax paper to give them some body.
We'd punch a hole on the top and tie them with satin ribbon to hang on the Christmas tree
or hang them in our home as Winter decorations
 The photos of the sugar and gingerbread snowflake cookies are from Pinterest.
When I saw these cookies I bought  multiple cookie cutters
and lots of Wilton frosting supplies.
They are still in their boxes, but one of these days...
Make this a great day!


Baboona Store said...

Hi Joni! I am glad you are back blogging and I am so sorry to hear about heart problem. Hope you feel well soon and stay strong. Take care! :*

Thimbleanna said...

Pull those cookie cutters out and make some cookies -- Today Joni!!! We've had such beautiful snow this week -- I love it! Sadly, it's supposed to rain all weekend, so our winter wonderland will fade away. ;-(