Tuesday, January 7, 2014


My favorite books last year were actually a trilogy by Paullina Simons. I discovered her when I was searching for historical fiction that takes place during WWII in Russia (love Russian history). There were a lot of books available, but this trilogy really grabbed my interest.

Book#1: The Bronze Horseman

This is the story of Tatiana, her family, and her love for a Red Army soldier, Alexander. They live in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) during WWII. This time came to be known as The Siege of Leningrad.  It was a terribly bitter cold winter, and the merciless German zrmy cut off their food supplies. They were either going to freeze or starve. What they go through to survive will make you treasure what we take for granted.

Book#2: Tatiana and Alexander

The epic continues. This is true romantic fiction. Some reviewers have called it "the Russian Thorn Birds".
Book#3: The Winter Garden

The story follows the love that survived the terrible starvation and cold of the winter. The couple meet for a reunion in America. Now they must confront The Cold War.

Paullina was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia. The author currently lives in NYC.

I found this trilogy difficult to put down. I read until 2am some nights. Even if you just read the first book, you'll enjoy it and learn so much. I've read other books about The Siege of Leningrad. If you'd like titles, just mention it in the comment section.

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