Sunday, January 19, 2014


There are so many wonderful blogs available to us... and that includes yours! But every once in awhile you stumble across one that really grabs you and won't let go. It motivates and inspires you to create something. I actually discovered this blog on Facebook.

The colors get my blood pumping and I want to see more!!
Wowee!! Love these little people! I've seen the little unpainted wooden people in bags at craft stores. But seeing them so simply and colorfully clothed, my mind is racing with all kind of ways to use the little figures. From Easter Bunnies (add 2 cardstock ears and a pom pom tail and go from there) to little people dressed in paint, felt, and yarn. They'd be adorable on a Christmas tree if they were dressed as elves.

Actually, that's just the blog's logo and their Facebook banner... you can visit them on Facebook. The real treats come when you open their blog and there's something for everyone!
From the pattern and photo steps for knitting stars...
... to Where to find this whimsical teapot and other creations
by this creative artisan...
To simple ideas like this cute curtain
made from fabric strips, which I'm going to use this week
as I create my new craft and sewing corners
in our basement.
The blog will often lead you to Etsy, or other blogs to locate items
or patterns for items.
So, dear bloggers and creative souls, give yourself a treat
and grab a cuppa something
and sink into this blog.
I bet you fall in love with at least one thing!
Make this a great day!