Tuesday, January 14, 2014


These are my precious granddogs that belong to my daughter Wendy and her husband Darin, in Phoenix. They are so darn cute and funny. They had me laughing the ten days that I was there. Stretched on the couch, under the green afghan, is Alfred... known as Al. Al is a rescue dog from that awful storm Katrina. He was found on a rooftop and taken to shore in a boat. He is terrified of their swimming pool... poor guy. The Westie on the top of the couch cushion is Wylie... often called Wylie Coyote. He is one speedy character. Al has long legs and can really run, but Wylie can keep up with him. This is a photo of them totally exhausted and passed out on one of the new couches.

I'll have to find and share a picture of Wylie in the pool. He takes a running start in the house, through the patio doors, and flies into the pool. He has a favorite float that he lounges on.

I hope this put a smile on your face. We can never have too many!

Make this a good day!



Thimbleanna said...

It definitely put a smile on my face Joni! They both look so sweet. I can just imagine Wylie on a float in a pool -- too cute. We had a Westie when I was a kid -- they're fun dogs!

sassy said...

Nice to hear from you! Take care of your self! Thinking of you!

Needled Mom said...

How cute!!!! They look pretty darn comfortable too.

I keep trying to reply to your nice comments you leave me, but you come across as a "no reply" blogger. I do appreciate you stopping by for visits.