Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Shopping for the Dollhouse

I have been on my computer for hours... locating sites that sell DH furniture online and trying to find what I had seen earlier... and looking for other things on my list. So, this is what I ordered today:
A Laptop Computer: Dollhouse sized, of course. How can you have a house without a computer?? Even if only wee folk live in it??
Mailbox: 'Snail Mail' is important too (and packages).

White Sofa: I hunted and hunted for this sofa. I wanted white so I can load it with little, tiny, and colorful pillows (patched and petit point)

2 Red Checked Arm Chairs: Forget the other chair in the picture and envision it red checked like the other. They'll both go in the living room with the sofa.

Dining Table: This will go in the dining area that will be at one end of the living room.

Dining Chairs: I bought Shaker chairs to go around the table.

Shaker Hutch: This will go next to the table and chairs to hold the Delft dishes I haven't bought yet.

Bathroom: I loved the corner tub, so had to have this set. I also bought a cupboard with shelves for tiny towels.

Kitchen Set: I wanted a blue & white kitchen so I was excited when I found this set. This looked so inviting I wanted to make a pot of tea in it.

Quilt: This is my favorite find of the day. I found a lady who makes tiny quilts & was selling some on Ebay. I'll make shams and pillows, sheets, etc.
What are those silly bears doing on my quilt?

Bed: This is the bed I chose from hundreds on many sights. This is definitely a female's home. Remember, it's all pretend!
Just the beginning... lots of work to do on the house itself. And then fine-tune the decorating.
Off to finish a book as it's due at the library tomorrow.
Thanks for letting me share... that's part of the fun of creating.


Wanda said...

Would you like to decorate my house! You have the touch don't you! Can't wait to see the completed project!!!

Anina said...

How very, very cute! I want a doll house too!

Angie said...

Oh my word....I love it all. Especially the red chair!!

Helen Hancock said...

OH gosh! I had no idea all of this was possible! What a fantastic project! I love the sofa...and as for the bed, these September school holidays I am off to get a "big girl bed" for Katie....I wonder if your doll's one comes in single size...I love it!

de vliegende koe said...

You have a fine taste for interior decoration Joni. It must be wonderful to choose all those little pieces! What about the bears????

Rabbit Stitchings said...

Lovely job you are doing decorating your home :O)... what a fun project doing a doll house :O).
Who knew you could get such realistic stuff for a doll house and so pretty!

anita said...

I can't wait to see what it looks like all put together! Such lovely things you've chosen... Love the red checked chairs! I'm in Club Little House that Amy of Inspire Co puts on every so often. It's my first time. Can't wait to see all the littles I get back. There are groups of 12 people who each make 12 "littles" all the same. We then send them in to Amy who will receive 144 littles (12 from each of the 12 members) and then divides them up and sends them off to each of the 12 members and we'll receive 12 different littles back. Does that make sense? So fun, can't wait! Go to for more information.

Thimbleanna said...

How fun Joni! Love all the cute things you've chosen. Thanks for sharing!

melanie said...

love the shaker hutch & red chairs!! if i were a tiny doll i'd be moving in! how fun.


Anne said...

Joni, I love all the furniture. I'm furnishing a dollhouse now too and it's soooooo much fun. Have you looked at this store? The shipping is a flat $5 for whatever you get (excluding a dollhouse) When I was looking for dollhouse furniture I found things that were $$$$$ - even more than full size furniture. Such stunning detail!
I hope you'll continue to keep us updated with your finds and show us your decorated rooms. I'm actually doing only roomboxes which will be set on the shelves in a bookcase. I decided to do it that way because I wanted to be able to choose the size of the rooms and to have multiples of certain rooms and to exclude certain other rooms.