Sunday, September 2, 2007

Love this program!

This is the program I'm using for my latest layouts. I bought it on QVC when they had one of their 24 hour scrapbooking programs. I really love it. I have made many little mini-books with it... I just hadn't made a 'digital layout'.
The program has 'Quick Pages' (pre-designed) or 'Create your own' pages (my choice). I've bought most of their kits so that I have lots of paper to choose from and lots of embellishments to play with.
I use PhotoShop Elements 4 to edit my photos first.

The program does have some limitations compared to PhotoShop... but, I like it.
PS I think this was my 92nd post so Big Giveaway coming up!!!


Anina said...

You're making me think I may have to take up scrapbooking again.

de vliegende koe said...

Thanks for sharing Joni. Wonderful programme, but you still need the skills to make such lovely pages as you do!

Wanda said...

92 coming up....You go Girl!! Love coming to your post. It's a happy place!

Angie said...

Girl, look at you go. I'll e-mail you. . . been a sleepy Sunday afternoon around here.

As I type, Caroline is mimicking everything Mark says. . . inflection and all.

Life is good

Helen Hancock said...

Joni .... these are fabulous! I love how you have set it out and the colours and swirls! You are a natural! I use a very simple program also...creating keepsakes scrapbook designer - it serves my needs. You keep going we want more!

Lucy Locket said...

Hi Joni, just thought I'd let you know I have nominated you for two awards - have a look at my blog sometime to see. Lucy