Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pillowcases II

What fun these are to make!
I finished up the other pillowcase for our bed this morning and made a pair of Halloween cases for one of my girls. I'll make the other pair for my other daughter tomorrow.
I'm dying to go back to the quilt shop.
However, I have to read (as though that's a chore) because I have a 7 day book from the library and haven't finished it.
Dollhouse Update:
The order for my 'addition' was cancelled (out-of-stock) and that puts a 'hold' on the painting. Lots of cute furniture has arrived, though.


Angie said...

Wow, this is so cute! You are just having a ball, aren't you???

I hope to get the machine out tonight, and set it up to use in the morning! : )

Helen Hancock said...

Gosh...I would be changing my pillow case daily! LOL! They are beautiful! A seven day book loan? Is that normal? What a shame about the doll house addition....will they get more in?

Anina said...

I love, love, love it! When my son was little I had him draw two Christmas pictures and then traced and appliqued the designs onto pillowcases. That was such fun!

Baboona said...

Thats fun!! enjoy :)

Nan said...

Well, you are a busy girl! I love the Halloween prints, so cute, but have to ask, is this using your new purchase at the fabric store or is this using some of your found stash?

I also found your explanation as to why your blog is named Yummers, now I feel dumb! I just hadn't ever scrolled down to the end of you page I guess.

OK, last thing, did you decide what to do with the 'found' fabric you posted about last week? I'm curious to know what you decided to make or do with it!

de vliegende koe said...

This Halloween cushion is so cool! We don’t celebrate Halloween like you do, what a shame, I think we should!
Can you explain what the Halloween is about? I can google it, but it’s more fun when you tell! I see lots of pumpkins and witches and skulls.....

corry said...

I love that halloween fabric! So cute!

Anonymous said...

What a cute pillowcase. I bet my daughter would like some of those, even though she's going to be 21, but on Halloween, my little Halloweenie baby. I would love to finish a dollhouse, I have a very large one in the closet in the box still, but it scares me. Maybe I should buy a kit for a smaller project. LOL

Anne said...

Oh, Joni - I LOVE those cases. I don't enjoy sewing but I may need to make an exception for those. My husband would get the biggest kick out of those.
What if you entertained us, your faithful readers, with sneak pictures of your new furniture. As a reward for being said faithful readers and for waiting so faithfully with you for the dollhouse to be finished.

The libraries in Los Angeles have 3 day non-renewable book loans on books they call "Hot Off The Press". They are the latest best-sellers and it's a real treat to be able to get them almost the moment they hit the shelves in the bookstores.