Monday, September 10, 2007

The Dollhouse: Under Construction

When I decided I wanted a dollhouse of my own (the girls have now taken theirs), I looked at kits online. There are so many choices and prices vary as does quality and size. I chose a simple 4 room cottage that was medium priced and was the perfect size for a spot in the guest room. Boyd was willing to build it... YEA!! But I'm keeping an eye on the construction because there needs to be some 'tweaking' here and there to make it mine rather than like the picture on the box. In the top photo you can see the stairs he built and the window frames that are on the inside of the house.
The walls are up and the porch is on, but the roof is just resting on the top... I wanted to see what it would look like. Patience is something I'm always working on, while Boyd works on the house.

Poor Boyd... he's hammering away and I'm decorating already. Just had to get a feel for the place!
The chair is a leftover from Wendy's dollhouse.
I made the pumpkins out of Sculpey clay and used cloves for the stems. They are baked and hard-as-a-rock. The plant is made from a tiny flowerpot filled with unbaked brown clay and some small silk greens I found.
Isn't the door cute?? I bought a brass door knocker and door handle to glue on.
There's so much more to do... shutters and window boxes and an attached roof of course. And then the inside... another day!
I'm off to get a Grande Cinnamon Dolce Cream lite with sugar free syrup, nonfat milk, and NO whipped cream (sob!) and cinnamon sprinkles... at Starbucks.


Anina said...

This is going to be so cute!
And sniff, sniff, I'm on a "diet" starting today, so my Starbucks won't have cream either.

Angie said...

Hey there,

It is sooooooo cute! Another three or four years, and this house will be the home of a house, too! : )

I figured it up last night, I'm 1/3 of the way done with the quilt. I've gotta start working on other stuff. . . but I'm so A/R I can't imagine doing anything else until it's done!


kirsty said...

Not TEN minutes ago I was thinking about my (25 yr old) ambition to have a dolls house!

I was also thinking that there is NOWHERE in this house to put one...

Your dolls house is so cute. I can see it will be lovely. The little chair is beautiful! And you did a great job on the pumpkins and plant.

corry said...

So cute! It must be so much fun to decorate the house and make it look lovely! Maybe you can make a little tiny quilt?

Kate said...

Joni - it's such a cute house. I have one, in bits, needs getting out and getting Phil to build. Are you decorating when it's constructed, or as Boyd goes along? Miniatures are so the best! xx

de vliegende koe said...

Whenever you feel like having a paid job again, you can come overhere and work for the miniature city Madurodam. You are some constructor! I would love to own this 4 room cottage on a 100% scale! My brother had a miniature railway when we were little and I loved to build the houses, railway-stations, paint the roads, glue the grass and make the people and the traffic lights. Sweet memories!

Wanda said...

Just when I think you can't amaze me go and post something like this that blows me out of the water!!! You are so clever! I love it.

Claire aka Feline said...

This is sooo cute, I can't wait to pop back and have a look when its completely finished :)

I love dolls houses, I remember playing with one I had as a child and spending my pocket money in the local toy shop for the must have accessory, nothings changed there its just on a much grander scale now lol :)

freddie said...

well, i've actually never been into dollhouses at all, but I remember once that I've seen a scary movie about dollhouses and I won't have anyone nearby...
Yet, I reckon it looks wonderful! Looking forward to see when it's finished.
Ciao from Rome

My Paper World said...

Yes the door is real cute! and so are your pumpkins!

Helen Hancock said...

Woohoo! This is ssssooo wonderful! I want one! What fun! Katie would LOVE it! Only problem is we had to get one big enough to fit Barbies in! LOL! Fantastic!