Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Passion for Pillowcases

I have always loved/collected sheets and pillowcases. Now that we have a king-sized bed I've just been using white... found a high thread count with hem stitching that is soft as silk. So I bought several sets of these and called it quits. But I miss the beautiful prints, patterns, and colors.
When I was at the quilt shop, Jana showed me how to make a pillowcase. So easy and no raw edges as you use french seams.
I was hooked!!
I bought fabric (3 fabrics for each case) for a pair for our bed and Halloween fabric to make a pair for each of my girls. Yes, I know I have a lot of Halloween fabric already, however Jana had such soft, retro fabric... had to buy it. Here's a close-up of the pillowcase. I wanted you to see the red fabric as it is a rose print with a variety of shades of red in it. The blue trim does have a slight pattern in it, too.

The main floral is whiter than the photo shows, but I'm too rushed today to edit it.

Fabric requirements:
3/4 yard main print
1/8 yard for trim
1/3 yard for band/cuff

Be certain you feel the fabric so it's pillowcase friendly... soft, soft, soft.

I'm ordering fabric for Christmas pillowcases this morning. I have a Jelly Roll of Moda Christmas fabric so I can feel it and match prints. Finding the yardage will be the trick. But, there's nothing like a good web search.

I envision a stack of pillowcases which I will tuck into a white basket and display in the bedroom.

Make it a great day!!


Anina said...

Lovely! I'm redoing our bedroom soon and will be making my pillowcases and duvet cover myself.
Is that Christmas fabric "Holly Jolly" by any chance?

de vliegende koe said...

It looks wonderful Joni! Are you going to give us a tutorial? (LOL)!

Angie said...


These are gorgeous. Yes. . .a tutorial. Please?!?! Please???

Thimbleanna said...

They're beautiful Joni! I love pillowcases! I don't have Halloween ones yet -- maybe this year? I think I told you I made enough Christmas ones for all of our beds one year -- lots of fun. Now you've been bitten by the bug -- you'll be making lots more! ;-)

Helen Hancock said...

OH beautiful! Too nice to put heads on! LOL! And Christmas ones...what a brilliant idea! Your creativity is truly inspiring!

Wanda said...

I could just crawl into that bed....It looks wonderful!

Nan said...

Oh, this is so lovely, I am in envy of that rose fabric, so pretty.

Thanks for sharing and giving us a peek into what you have been doing.

I do have a question I have been meaning to ask you, what is the meaning behind the name of your blog? I have thought maybe it was because "Life is Delicious" or possibly a pet name? I'm curious to know? LOL

amandajean said...

pillow cases are fun! I made my kids hero ones (batman, spidey, etc.) because I refuse to get character bedding for them. it has been a great compromise.

Isabelle said...

That's truly lovely and I am completely awed at the thought of having enough time and energy to make seasonal pillowcases. And not just Joni - the rest of you seem to react quite calmly to this idea. Glurch. We've just had our bedroom repainted and I was just thinking that I would like new mats for the dressing table etc but that I would never get round to making them. Especially if I don't get round to getting my hardly-ever-used sewing machine mended...

Anyway, do keep going, you whirl of activity, you.