Sunday, April 18, 2010

Von Trapped in Vienna!

Boyd's sister and brother-in-law are "Von Trapped in Vienna". The European air traffic is in such a mess due to the clouds of debris from the Icelandic volcano. Mary and John were due home today... they live in Madison... but they finally have a confirmation for a flight on Thursday. They've been there for a much-needed vacation after Boyd's death and Mary's caring for her brother Dana who has cancer.

Sounds like an adventure to have an extended stay in Austria but "the Euros are running out", said Mary. They've been there for 1o days.

I miss you two and hope you get home 'sooner than later'. Mary stays with me about once a week and I miss our conversations. Otter loves her! Now, here's a thought for you... If you had to get stranded someplace in the world, where would you choose?

I'd choose the Provence area of France! So relaxing, smells like lavender, and I'd shop for their wonderful fabrics and eat their fantastic fresh veggies, bread & cheese with lots of olive oil.
How about you??
Make this a great day!


nicolette said...

Hi Joni, no air traffic here as well. They are doing test flights without passengers now on a lower height.

I come over and join you in The Provence Joni. You know I love it there! Please take Otter with you, he will love it there too!

Isabelle said...

The island of Arran, off the west coast of Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Love the title of your post! The Greek isles, I think. I haven't been there in 40 years, but they're on the top of my travel list.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Yeah, I could happily survive any entrapment in England or Ireland without too much fuss.

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, isn't that volcano causing a mess in Europe! Your SIL looks like a sweetie -- she sounds like an angel. While you and Nicolette are enjoying Provence, I'll be having fun with Isabelle in Scotland!

Rhona said...

I hope it's not too long before they get a flight home. The volcanic ash has certainly caused a lot of problems for travellers here in the UK and in Europe.
As for where I'd want to be stranded, that's a tough one. I'd just like somewhere warm with lovely sandy beaches - bliss!