Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I have always wanted a white picket fence... always! When I was little and I drew pictures of houses with my crayons, they always had a white picket fence around them. Boyd's unexpected death taught me that there might not be a tomorrow... do it today! So yesterday I sat down with a contractor, Bob Christiansen (his company is called DREAM WORKS... isn't that appropriate!) and he measured and we sketched. An my dream picket fence will be built... picket by picket... in a week or too! Otter will have his own little yard to prance and play in. The photo below is random off the Internet but it's how I envision my "cottage look"... with my cottage house.
This is my new Springtime bedding (Pottery Barn). The sheets have lovely lace edging and the comforter is made of voile... soooo soft. Otter loves it but I haven't been able to get a picture of him in it yet... but I will!!

Also from Pottery Barn... I bought a mixture of spring floral pillows to scatter on my red couch in the den and the blue couches in the living room. They've added a fun Spring cottage look and feeling in here.

Our tulips are almost ready to bloom... yea! How about yours!
Off to have my taxes done. Yes, I know it's almost the 15th... what can I say?
Make this a great day!
Hugs to you all...


Rhona said...

Joni, I love the new bedding and cushions, it looks so inviting ;o). I've also always loved picket fences and can't wait to see yours. We don't have fences around our front gardens, I wonder if people would think I was strange if I put up a picket fence. What a lovely idea!
As for the tulips, mine started blooming at the weekend :o), I'm just hoping they survive the rain we're expecting over the next few days!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh how fun Joni! I've always wanted a picket fence too. I do hope you'll show us pictures once it's done! Love your new bedding too!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful bedding and pillows. I was admiring those pillows in the catalog just the other day. I love changing things around for a new season.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your bedding is lovely--and a picket fence! I think they're charming, too. What a sweet thing to add!

Anonymous said...

fabulous bedding!!!! Love picket fences too!!

Helen said...

Hope you are well my friend ... love the eye candy as always