Thursday, May 29, 2008

Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci Merci
Merci Merci... and so on.
It's the one year ANNIVERSARY
of my blog!!
Have a virtual strawberry to help me celebrate!
Mmmmm... so yummy!

My giveaway gift to you is a book that
I think you'll really like.
If you already own it, you can always give
it to a friend... regift it!!

New Noel is a great holiday book full of
wonderful ideas for the Christmas season.
My husband accidentally ordered 2 copies.
So there's one for me and one for you.
Lucky us!
I put a lot of post-its in mine marking all
those things I'd love to make.
I'll need to get started after the wedding.
The front cover

The back cover

Just leave a comment
and a winner will be picked Monday night.


DVD suggestion...
If you haven't seen Monarch of the Glen...
we loved it!
If you have Netflix... they have it.

And this week's total...
16.2 pounds lost!!

Thanks to all of you who supported my blog
through thick and thin.
I promise more creative blogs after the wedding.
(less than a month away)

With love to you all,

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day,
is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service.
I made this wreath for a window to honor those
men & women.
(I also use it on the 4th of July)
As this is a holiday... you might want to watch a movie.
I love Miss Potter!
It is the delightful and enchanting story
of Beatrix Potter... the Creator
of Peter Rabbit, and her life as a writer
and artist.
I could watch it over and over!

And then we have some IDEAS from the new Pottery Barn Catalog.
I love these little felt ducks. A great project for
your hands while you're watching a movie.

What a great collection...
old sand shovels!
You can buy them at PB, but why not collect

Oh... what we can do with stretched canvas.
So simple and so lovely!

And this really grabbed me! Different shaped stretched canvas
(and they come in so many sizes and shapes)
with a collaged tree.
Soooooo cute!!

These canvases are made with the collage process.
Look at the sheet music between the lady bug's
Love it!!

Click on this quilt to get a close look at it.
So much variety.
Makes me think of summer raspberries.

A little applique and a little stitching= a
lovely pillow or two.
Have fun!!

I'm making a jacket to go with my MOB dress
and I'm making it in muslin at the moment.
It's just not working... may have to look for a
different pattern.
Friday is my one year blogging anniversary.
Watch for a GIVEAWAY!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I 've been cross-stitching between wedding preparations.
I finished this last night... in very poor light.
The flower needs to be ripped out and redone and
the whole thing needs a good pressing.
But, I wanted to take a quick pic of it so I could share it
on this red, white, and blue weekend.
This was my first attempt at cross stitch and I found it
to be very relaxing.
My next embroidery will be "something blue"
for Wendy's wedding...
The wedding date in blue on satin to be sewn in her
wedding dress.
Thanks to Anna and Junie Moon for the idea.

These books arrived from Amazon and I'm anxious to curl
up with a cup of tea and absorb them.
They are a Mother's Day gift from my sweet husband.
(It pays to keep a WISH LIST on Amazon)
By mistake, Boyd ordered 2 copies of one of them, but
I won't tell you which one as it will be my GIVEAWAY
next week for my 1st Blog Anniversary.

Ooooo... I'm missing one book and Blogspot
wants to put it at the top of the cue.
A Passion for Patchwork by Lise Bergene.
(100 quilted projects... and I love most of them)
14.6 pounds lost!
Have a wonderful weekend...
make it wonderful!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Birthday honey!
May this be a year of health and happiness.
I love you!

Friday, May 16, 2008

The sun can be an enemy to your skin!
Use common sense and lots of sun screen, a hat to shade
your face, and cover up your body.
I loved to lay in the sun and play in the sun.
I loved the look of a nice tan with my summer
That was summer!
I am Norwegian and fair-haired.
But my skin tanned well...
so why not get all toasty in the sun.

A small discolored spot on my shoulder.
It didn't look like anything unusual
but my dermatologist freaked.
He biopsied it and several weeks later
I was back having a 2 hour excision.
This is a photo of the 3 inch incision on my shoulder.
I'm not vain about scars on my body.
This one especially!
It's a good reminder to keep my skin out of the sun.
For my daughter's wedding I'll get a spray tan at a salon.
Just to have a bit of color.
I've not shared this photo with anyone before...
but you are friends and like family.
Please learn from my mistakes!

Love to you all...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We went to Oshkosh for brunch on Mother's Day.
When we walked into the lobby I saw these tiles on a wall
and I can't get them out of my head.
I need to call the hotel and see if they were sold
or are still available.
You know what it's like when you can't get an image
out of your head??

Oshkosh is a lovely little city on the state's biggest inland lake.
The hotel is on the Fox River which divides Oshkosh in half.

This is what I ate...
roasted veggies and cold shrimp.

This is what I didn't eat...
This is a pic of Boyd and I.
He is so sweet!
For Mother's Day he bought me all the books on my
Amazon wish list.
They are mostly art books.
I'll take a photo of titles whan they arrive.

Kristin... my first born.

Wendy... the bride-to-be.

Kristin, Wendy, and Darin

Boyd's 88 year old dad with Boyd and I.
He is not only 88 and has had a lot of health problems,
but he still delivers meals to the shut-ins
and volunteers at our air museum.

Boyd's dad with the girls.
I didn't get a photo of Boyd's mom, brother or aunt.

A good pic of the hotel, river, and lake in the background.
A drum roll, please...
Yesterday was weigh-in day and I lost...
2.8 lbs this week.
That's a total of 13.4 pounds!
Feelin' frisky!


Monday, May 12, 2008

I didn't start making scrapbook layouts until about 5 years ago.
My daughters are 35 & 38...
I have lots and lots of years to catch up on.
I don't make layouts in any order... just what appeals to
me at the moment.
So many people are using plain backgrounds but I can't resist
I love what others do... but this is just my style!
I do most of my mini-albums digitally... but my
12" x 12" pages won't print on my printer.
And I love to play with the paper & glue.
I'm a very tactile person.
Kristin is in the spotlight today.
This is one of my favorite layouts.
Kristin still loves toast and butter for a snack.
And she's slim and trim despite it.
Click on the picture to read the story.
I was pregnant with Kristin and teaching in Germany.
My friends had a baby shower for me.
These are recently recovered photos made from slides
we discovered cleaning the basement.

"Two tired ladies taking a rest" tells it's own story.

It was so exciting decorating for Christmas for unborn
Living in Germany there were so many wonderful shops
and fests to find Christmas goodies.
I made gingerbread men and popcorn for the tree.
Oooooo... the importance of pictures to activate
all those wonderful memories.
I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.
With both girls home it was "the best"!

Hugs to you all!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A French Blog
A Blog About France
...for visiting my blog today.
I want to share with you 2 of my new favorite blogs.
I am loving them both!
Enjoy... and bookmark them if your visit is filled with
inspiration like mine was.
The first blog is in French. You can copy and paste to
to read it or to respond with a comment.
just enjoy the photos.
Blog de Chiffon Chineuse
Muriel is a multi talented lady and very friendly.
I love her fish embroidery
and the idea of working it into a photo layout
themed around the sea.
A new thought for stitchers and scrappers… blending the two.
That really excites and motivates me!
I adore this heart!
I love the endearing words written in gold ink on white.
The pretty edging and the idea of
hanging it by pearls is so feminine.
What a lovely gift for someone special.

Muriel is proud of her gardens and shares

beautiful photos of them on her blog.

I love the way she used many of her flower photos

to make a layout.

So lovely!


Carol Gillott New York, NY, United States

“Paris Breakfasts is a Painting-A-Day blog
that chronicles my watercolor adventures
in Paris' pastry and chocolate shops.
New York is my home between jaunts.
SUBSCRIBE and have a Parisian croissant delivered
5 times a week to your inbox.”
I do wake up each week day to a
touch of Paris on my email... and it is such
a lovely way to begin the day.This is yesterday's watercolor about JAM.
Each day there is a new watercolor
and it is followed by a themed post.

Carol also posts books about Paris on the side bar.

Publishers Weekly called it a “…frothy French confection of a novel”.

Sounds good to me!

I ordered a used copy from

Another photo from her "Jam" post.

There are lots of photos each day.

My computer is acting strangely so I'm going to close

and have a cup of tea while I read today's Paris post.

I hope you enjoy these ladies as much as I do.