Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day,
is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service.
I made this wreath for a window to honor those
men & women.
(I also use it on the 4th of July)
As this is a holiday... you might want to watch a movie.
I love Miss Potter!
It is the delightful and enchanting story
of Beatrix Potter... the Creator
of Peter Rabbit, and her life as a writer
and artist.
I could watch it over and over!

And then we have some IDEAS from the new Pottery Barn Catalog.
I love these little felt ducks. A great project for
your hands while you're watching a movie.

What a great collection...
old sand shovels!
You can buy them at PB, but why not collect

Oh... what we can do with stretched canvas.
So simple and so lovely!

And this really grabbed me! Different shaped stretched canvas
(and they come in so many sizes and shapes)
with a collaged tree.
Soooooo cute!!

These canvases are made with the collage process.
Look at the sheet music between the lady bug's
Love it!!

Click on this quilt to get a close look at it.
So much variety.
Makes me think of summer raspberries.

A little applique and a little stitching= a
lovely pillow or two.
Have fun!!

I'm making a jacket to go with my MOB dress
and I'm making it in muslin at the moment.
It's just not working... may have to look for a
different pattern.
Friday is my one year blogging anniversary.
Watch for a GIVEAWAY!!


nicolette said...

Love the wreath Joni! And Miss Potter. I enjoyed the movie sooo much!
And thanks for all the Pottery Barn goodness. I love the stretched canvasses.. and the quilt!
I’m off to visit their website... so much if I can use more... I already don’t know how to find time to make everything I want...
Happy week and I will be at your 1 year blog-party. What’s the dress-code?

Angie said...

Happy Decoration Day -- to someone who has truly decorated my life.

You're amazing, Joni!!!

Junie Moon said...

What a beautiful patriotic wreath! And I love all the wonders you shared. So many ideas, so little time--but I'm grateful for the freedom to pursue such happy creative endeavors because of the sacrifices of many.

Jacquie said...

Miss Potter, I'll have to pick that up. Sounds like something I'd like. Such inspiration with every post. I love the canvases and the quilt. Pink and green...yummy!
Happy Belated Memorial Day to you. Watched Mr. Buckles get his recognition as the last ww1 vet. Amazing at 107 years old. An inspiration to all.

Thimbleanna said...

Good luck on your jacket Joni. I love Miss Potter -- I need to watch it again. And where oh where is my PB catalog -- I hope it arrives this week -- love those little ladybugs!

Helen Hancock said...

I just LOVE your wreath and all the other goodies...eye candy. I just loved the Miss Potter film. Glad you did too.

Helen Hancock said...

oohhh ps...see what you are reading...what's it like?

Wanda said...

Oh Joni, everything on your blog is just overwhelming beautiful.

As soon as Miss Potter came out I bought it, and I can't tell you how many times I've watched it.

Her love for watercolors, which is my passion just moves me.

Wonderful story of an amazing life and career.

Nan said...

See what you did? You just made me go and look up Pottery Barn and request a catalog! Shame on... well... ME! LOL, it's not YOUR fault, but mine to be so interested.