Thursday, November 20, 2008


Thank you Martha Stewart!
For some reason I rarely go to Martha's website...
I just forget!
Same with her show...
I just forget!
But, this morning I really explored her site
found lots of INSPIRATION & IDEAS.
I want to share a few of her Christmas/Holiday
ideas for those of you who just don't get there...
like me.
You can visit her website for details, instructions,
and more.
I hope something sparks some INSPIRATION in you!
I love this tree to hang Holiday cards on.
Pinwheels in Christmas colors to tuck in a pitcher of greens.

A paper and wire wreath.

Large Initials cut to tie on packages.
Decorate stockings with felt and buttons.
My Favorite Idea!
Coins in coin wrappers then covered with paper
and cellophane to look like candy.
You could use pennies, nickles, dimes, or quarters...
depending on the age of the child.

Homemade gift wrap.
Paper stamped with buttons on ink pads
or brushed with paint.

Be creative with rick rack
to decorate homemade holiday cards.
Hope you are inspired by at least one of Martha's ideas.
Off to get my hair cut... OK, and colored!

Make this a great day!


Nan said...

I "just forget" too! Thanks for the reminder!

Isabelle said...

Yes, all very pretty. I might even start being in the mood for Christmas.

Thimbleanna said...

Thanks Joni -- I forget too! and like you, I love that coin wrapper idea!!!

jacquie said...

thanks for all the inspiration. there are several ideas here i love! i think i need to buy some more ricrack.

Familia Stilwell said...

Fun projects! I love the rick rack cards and the coin candy...cute, cute!

artisbliss said...

What great ideas!

Anonymous said...

Love these. I'm getting her Holiday email newsletter, but I still haven't gotten through the site. Every year I think I'm going to do all this cool holiday stuff, and then get too busy to do it! said...

I love your site it is so cheerful. I forget poor Martha also. I used to watch her every Sunday morning at 11:30. Whenever the music would come on I got all melty in my chair and attentive to the Queen Domestic Goddess. lol. I found your site through the SIH class.

Helen said...

Lovin' that tree Joni...your blog looks like it stepped right out of a magazine! Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

Heather said...

I just love Martha -- she has such good ideas!! These projects look fun -- I think I will try a few.