Sunday, November 9, 2008


Today is my 65th birthday!
I love birthdays regardless of how old I am...
even 65!

This is a photo of my 3rd birthday.
WWII had ended and my dad had just come home from France
and Belgium where he had been since I was born.
We lived in an apartment and were looking for our first home
to buy.
This is my birthday party with my best friend Harry
and my teddy bear "Brownie" (in the high chair in the back).
I always had a lamb cake that my mom made and every year the
ears fell off and were attached with toothpicks.
Funny what one remembers.
My mom always made a small cake for Brownie-the-Bear
(in front of lamb cake) as it was his birthday too.
Yesterday my friend Chris took me out for lunch at my favorite spot...
a little bistro.
This is a photo of the hot artichoke appetizer we shared.
It was soooooo tasty!!
I'll be craving it forever.

I ordered a Margarita Pizza and it was a winner!
The crust was paper thin and crispy
with pesto, tomatoes, cheese, & spinach.
Drizzled with olive oil.
It was to die for.

The night before, the Bistro had won 1st place for desserts
at 'Taste of Green Bay'.
They were bringing everyone their yummy strawberries
with creme friache and a chocolate dollop on top.
Here's Chris consuming one!

And me, too!

We meandered over to my favorite bookstore which
just happens to be next door.
There are bookstores... and then there are bookstores!
This is the real thing with a fireplace with a fire burning
yesterday, comfy couches and chairs,
and 2 bookstore cats that have been raised there.

One of the cats was chewing on my bag as I checked out.
And that's just what our Gabby Cat does with plastic bags at our house.

Today has just begun and I'm enjoying every minute.
Boydo made cinnamon rolls and tea for me for breakfast.
And they were YUMMERS!
I signed up for the Stories In Hand class that begins
today online and will run each day for 2 weeks.
I'm excited as I've just begun to write my memories
and need an organizational system.
There is a Packer vs Vikings football game at noon
which should be a good game as we are tied with them.
Most of my day will be spent working on a new
photo project I started a few days ago.
It's really turning out great
and I can't wait to share it with you.
I can't wait any longer...
I'm going to try and get my Holiday banner up today.
I am so anxious to decorate and create this year.
I'm holding back in the house
but will probably decorate before we go to Arizona
so we can arrive home to a festive nest.
Off to see if my online class is ready to begin...
We had a beautiful snowfall yesterday.
Flakes the size of a quarter .
Thought for today:
Right now is a good time!


nicolette said...

Happy 65th Birthday Mrs. Joni Yummers !! You’re still going strong and you’re alive and kicking!!

Enjoy your day with Boyd and Gabby Cat and I hope we will all be able to enjoy reading your fabulous posts for many, many more years!!

Hugs and love))

Saucy said...

Happy, wonderful birthday! That first picture: particularly adorable. It is funny what one remembers... my mother for instance, baking my cake in a corning ware pan. Or is it the photo of it that I remember now? I wonder.

Anyway, your birthday looks like it was fantastic and that bookstore - yipee! Get holiday decorating, it's never too early. I'm also starting a bit *wink*

xoxo on your 65th

jacquie said...

happy birthday joni! i hope your package arrives tomorrow. i can't wait for you to see it in person.

Familia Stilwell said...

¡Feliz CumpleaƱos! Sounds like you have been having a WONDERFUL celebration time! Love your new banner!

sassy studio said...

Happy Birthday Yummers! Wow what a great day you had! Your lunch looked delish, cats and books makes me want to cuddle up!(we got snow today! YUCK!) I just love your 3rd bday picture too.
hugs to you on your special day! Sassy

Anina said...

Happy Birthday Joni!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Many happy returns! I love that bookstore! That's the perfect way to celebrate a birthday!

Helen said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What a great photo and as for that book store...wowee...loved visit there.

Isabelle said...

Happy birthday! You're exactly 4 years older than my brother. (My older brother!)

Angie said...

Happy Birthday, Joni! The bookstore looks like a WONDERFUL place to plant onesself. And the lamb cake??? Mark's mom has a lamb cake mold that was his grandmother's. I hope to one day inherit it.

I am so blessed by your friendship.

melanie said...

Happy Birthday, my dear Miss Joni!! I wish I could come take you out to celebrate...and then hide out in the bookstore. Have a lovely week!

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Belated Birthday Miss Joni! I think someone is fibbing just a bit about her age 'cause she sure doesn't LOOK the age she says she is!!!

I hope you had a super day. LOVE that bookstore. We used to have one like that, but sadly the big boxes ran it out of town!

KCQuilter said...

Sorry to be two days late but.....drum roll...happy happy birthday!!!!! I'll be having number 6-5 too--in just about 12 days! I've already used my Medicare card LOL! Love the your photos.