Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Here is the completed album... as quick as a wink!
Actually it was completed the same day I started it.
Quick and simple!
I think it went together so quickly because I used coordinated
paper & embellishments.
OK... I dipped into other supplies here and there.
It looks so bare!
The patterned paper will soften with a photo on top.

Click on a photo if you want to see details.
Usually I double mount each page for a gift album.
I didn't with this one because I wanted it done quickly.The pages coordinate better in person.

They are being photographed through plastic protecters

My reason for sharing this is to try to encourage
some of you to make an album for
a sick child.
See my post below for all the information on
The Sunshine Project.
It was fun, quick, and easy.
And hopefully will put a smile on a child's face...
along with their family's.
I'm off to make another!

Join me!


nicolette said...

Wonderful project Joni. I’m not an album maker, so I will stick to my charity quilts...! I do hope you will motivate some others though!

Love your album. You’re so clever with all the details and embellishments!

KCQuilter said...

You are such an inspiration to me with your beautiful books!!!

artisbliss said...

So cute, and what a great way to touch a young life.

Isabelle said...

Lovely. You are such a kind and positive person.

jacquie said...

they wouldn't want mine...i'm bad with paper!
you, however are a wizard. this is soo cute. someone is going to be thrilled!

Nan said...

Your project is precious, and your motive for sharing [to encourage others to make albums for sick children] is another reason I always leave your blog feeling blessed to have found it.

Angie said...

This is wonderful, my dear friend. I want to do something similar. You have truly inspired me on this one!

Saucy said...

This is so terribly cute and what a nice idea to share an album with a sick child. You are a true giver.

Funny how even with prepared kits it is easy to find extra supplies in the stash that mix and match, isn't it?

Rob and Julie said...

What a great idea Joni! I have so much in my stash (including extra albums) so I think I will make one too.

I'm off to check out AE's blog after you told me about the photo carousel. BTW, we got some more accessories for the carousel in today at Archiver's - fun pockets and calendar pages - and I thought you might like them.

Happy scrapping!

sassy studio said...

Great idea Yummers! YOu are really creative and cordinate like a pro!
I LOVE the sucker tree I think I know just the person to make one for me so I can have one too! Great ideas!