Monday, November 17, 2008


Family Gratitude Photo Spinner
This is a Photo Carousel by 7 Gypsies.
I had seen them in a few stores
but when I saw a pic of it completed
on Ali Edward's blog site,
it looked like a project I'd have fun creating.
Ali offered a class through
which I signed up for.
It included 3 sheets of supplies
and several downloads.
Best of all you have access to a gallery of other's work
(which isn't currently working)
access to a message forum
her audio message.
I had mine half finished before the class supply lists were
and I just finished it this afternoon.
I couldn't keep my hands off it... such fun!!
To quote my husband...
"You REALLY like that thing!!"
And me..."Yup, I do!"
It gets favorite photos out in the open to share with others.
Mine are all on my hard drive & in albums.
I like this idea!!
I took a photo from the top so you can see
how many photos will fit on the spinner.

(left)This is my mom and dad on their wedding day
(right) me on my 4th birthday.

For one of my birthdays my mom made me a cowgirl outfit
and my doll a matching outfit.
The opposite pic is of Wendy and Darin on their BIG day.

( Left) Wendy and Kristin in their Raggedy Ann dresses
(right) the title for my spinner.

(left) Yes... me at one of our favorite restaurants
(right) Boyd and I.

(right) Wendy blowing bubbles on a friend's deck when she
was 3 years old.

(left) A photo of a favorite scrapbook page
showing Kristin... my toast addict.
(I just gave her a Toaster Christmas ornament.)
(right) A Christmas card front where I added
a pic of the girls on Santa's lap.

(left) Wendy and Darin's dogs at a dude ranch in Colorado.
I love this photo as the 2 doggies (in right hand corner of photo)
are walking together down this long road.
(right) A picture of me in front of my Christmas tree
in 1944.
The only photo really visible is of Wendy and Kristin
mounted on a transparency.
(Left) My 3rd birthday
(right) Halloween in 1944.
There are lots more photos
friends and family...
mine and Boyds.
I'll spare you!!
A week from right now,
we'll be in warm and sunny Phoenix.
Hugs to all of you!


sassy studio said...

A-ma-zing! And you are just in time for the holidays to show it off!

jacquie said...

this is fantastic! now i've got another idea for my mom for christmas. she loves to have photos out to look at, but the books are so cumbersome. this is perfect.

Lynn said...

I read on another blog, I think, that you are a grad of MU. Me too--I know I liked you! Actually I haven't been back to Columbia for years and years, I live in Tucson now, but I spend lots of time in KC. Must have been when you were showing the quilt you bought from someone in KC. Anyway, I enjoy your blog very much and love your fun attitude toward life.

Thimbleanna said...

I love those photo spinners! I bought a few for Christmas presents -- I'm going to fill one of them with wedding pics for the bride and groom!

Helen said...

such a simple concept but what a great idea...TFS

Anonymous said...

I love it. I have the ATC carousel, and refuse to buy another one until I've done something with it. I think I'll sign up for Ali's class anyway so I'll have the material. I've given some thought to using the smaller format, but haven't had time to try it out.

Rhona said...

Hi Joni, I changed laptop and lost some of my favourite blog addresses- including yours. However,I saw you had posted on Karen's blog and was able to get back to viewing again. Can't wait to go through the posts I've missed and see what you've been up to.

Familia Stilwell said...

That is great! You always share such neat ideas...and I don't have enough time to try them all out...someday! :) Have fun in Phoenix!