Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring/Easter Favorites

Aaaaaah Spring! Finally showing your sweet head in cold Wisconsin.
I couldn't wait to start adding touches of Spring inside my house.
The tree above is simple, sweet, and feminine.
It is sitting on a pretty table runner that my friend Nicolette
surprised me with last year. She does such lovely stitching
and quilting. It was such fun bringing it out again for Spring 2011.

This is a new cubby organizer that I just got from Pottery Barn.
I just opened the box yesterday and I need to let it just "sit"
for awhile while I decide where it's going to go
and what will go in it. So, meanwhile, it's sitting at the end of
the hall holding a few Easter treasures and frames.

I picked this up a few years ago because I love

A tradition!
My annual "Spring Tree" full-to-the-brim with lots of ornaments.
Some of them go back to 1970. I bought them for Kristin's 1st Easter Tree
when we lived in Germany. I've added several each year since then.
There are small optic lights in this tree of branches. It looks so pretty at night.

This is one of my favorite bunnies. She just makes me smile!!

Now, back to 3 wet canvases. The huge cupcake is amongst them.
The other 2 have bird nests on them.



twobutterflies said...

great decorations!!

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, you look so pretty all decked out for spring! Don't you love that pottery barn cubby? I got one for Christmas and it sits in my sewing room -- I could use 10 more if they weren't so expensive LOL!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a cheerful space you create!

Kate said...

Hello Joni, We missed you at the church craft day last month. I never got your phone number! Give me a call to see what's new in scrapbooks. Kate Yarbro, Your Creative Memories Consultant. 252-1031 or 232-0833.

Kate said...

Hi Joni, We missed you at the church craft day last month. I never got your phone number--oops. Call me to see what's up in scrapbooking. Kate Yarbro, Your Creative Memories Consultant--920-232-0833 or 920-252-1031
PS I love your spring decorations!