Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I had an idea...

I was working on my big cupcake canvas and I had the urge to try some embroidery. So, I put the canvas aside and grabbed my embroidery supplies. I curled up in my favorite chair in the den and did a few sketches. Cut a pattern and traced it on some linen. Threaded a needle and dove right in. I outlined everything and then filled it in with watercolor pens. Added some french knot "sprinkles" and put a 5x7 frame over it to see how it looked. 
I like it!!
Actually, it's still on the embroidery hoop as I have a bit more work to do on it.
But, before the day is done, this cupcake will be hanging in my red-and-white kitchen and I can go back to my canvas.

I love quick projects (that turn out OK) !!



Thimbleanna said...

Very, very cute Ms. Yummers!

Rhona said...

I love it - cupcakes are very popular around here :) xx

twobutterflies said...

really cute!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing, Joni, and it sure wouldn't have been a quick project here!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The sprinkles totally make it rock!