Friday, September 17, 2010

Picnic in the Park

Always Time for a Picnic

We are very blessed to live a few blocks away from one of the largest inland lakes... Lake Winnebago! The park along the lake is lovely... Menominee Park. There's an old-fashioned carousel, a little red train that carries happy children through the park, a great zoo, a built-by-the-community playground (yes, I hammered some nails), Sea, Sand and Sailorland... another playground, a lagoon with paddle boats, bike and walking paths, and every sport you can imagine being played! I love to just sit under a tree and read!

Today, Jerry and I headed to the park with my picnic basket in hand. We munched  tasty but very messy egg salad sandwiches... as the photos show. Everything slid out of the bread as we took a bite! 

Jerry was gathering odds and ends of his sandwich to feed the ducks.

This photo gives you a better view of the shoreline up to the swimming pavilion.

Jerry took an afternoon nap while I played with my camera. The sound of the water, the ducks and the seagulls make a very conducive atmosphere for napping.

There are lots of boats on the lake... especially sailboats. These boats were returning from the end of a race. It's actually one of my favorite photos of the Summer.

I love our little Midwest city!
A lovely place to live and raise a family.
When we want a taste of an urban life, we just hop on down to Chicago.
But then we get to come home again to fireflies and quiet.

Make this a great day!


Rhona said...

What a beautiful area you live in Joni. I love all the photos in this post - even the ones with bits falling out your sandwiches ;o)
Have a great weekend. xx

Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful area, and the photograph of the sailboats is just wonderful!

Thimbleanna said...

Your photos are beautiful Joni! It looks like you're having a wonderful fall -- you live in such a gorgeous area! Think how fun that sailboat picture will be in January when the lake is frozen over! ;-)

Isabelle said...

That looks very nice and warm for September!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Way to take advantage of the sunny weekend weather!