Monday, September 13, 2010

Lovin' Italy!!

Ten Days in Tuscany
Celebrating Kristin's 40th Bday

Kristin wanted to do something special for her 40th so she decided to rent a villa in
Tuscany... and invite 8 other close friends. They all chipped in for the Villa.
As a 'thank you' to them for helping her celebrate, Kristin hired an Italian chef
to come to the Villa and give them a cooking lesson and serve them a complete dinner.
Kristin said that this was the highlight of the trip her... being able to share this meal
with her wonderful friends.

This photo is out of order, but special to me.
This is the town of Portofino. A much-loved spot by me and
full of wonderful memories.

Wendy and Kristin

This is their Villa and they said it was much better than they ever expected.
You never know when you make all of your arrangements online.

They went to the small nearby town of Greve where they
were having a festival-of-sorts.
The town put on a version of "Grease".

They gathered in Florence for a glass of wine and to discuss
plans for the rest of the day.

Fried cheese balls!
Just like being at home.

Kristin, Wendy, and Wendy's husband Darin spent several days in Rome and
went to The Vatican.

They're on their way home as I write.
I pray for their safe travel.

Make this a great day!


Rhona said...

Looks like they've had a wonderful time Joni :) I loved Florence when I was there in 1984 and would love to go back to Italy one day. Hope they all have a safe trip home xx

Thimbleanna said...

What a birthday present and a great time to be in Italy -- lucky girls. Looks like they had a great time!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How heavenly!

Baboona said...

Happy Birthday Kristin! I loved Portofino and going to Italy is a great choice. Its a beautiful country that has a character.

Laura CheBirba said...

Hi...I'm Laura from Tuscany...from Pisa! :D