Friday, December 4, 2009

Whimsical & Fun!!

I was just poking around the Internet (to avoid unpacking all the Christmas boxes that we brought from our Green Bay house) and look at these wonderful, whimsical gifts that I found!! All 3 are from

This cakeplate is so darn cute... but there's always that "storage issue". The shoe base is adorable! However... browsing time is not wasted because I really think those cupcakes will make a perfect dessert for Christmas Eve. I would imagine the bows are just fondant. My girls always say that a good cupcake is the perfect dessert... so we will enjoy!

Aren't these gorgeous stockings?? I love the beautiful fabrics outlined with the black & white checked fabric!! Hmmmmm... a version of that center stocking may be a fun project for the cold Winter months after the holidays. Browsing the Internet provides soooooo much inspiration!!

I just had to share this crazy cookie jar... a ballerina penguin! No inspiration here... just fun to look at!!
We had a dusting of snow yesterday and another during the night! Its 23 degrees outside but toasty warm inside... so inside I shall stay... today!
I started a knitting project yesterday and dropped a stitch. And no crochet hook! It's still in Green Bay! I'll take a photo when it's repaired!
Enough stalling... off to start unpacking those boxes!!
Make this a good day!


Angie said...

Very cute ideas, Joni. I am going to start using the web more for inspiration -- it's EVERYWHERE!!!

Thimbleanna said...

You always find the best stuff on the internet Joni! I never know where to look -- will you be my personal shopper LOL???

Rhona said...

The internet can be an awful time waster, I sit down to do something quickly and before I know it an hour's gone by! Thanks for sharing your finds - I'll be making cupcakes as gifts for adults this year instead of buying - love the pumpkin ones I made earlier!
Our boxes came out of the loft today but I'm leaving it till tomorrow before we start unpacking. I don't normally put the tree up until the 13th but my youngest is desperate to get it up this weekend :o).
Have a lovely weekend and stay warm! xx

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Such adorable, quirky things! Good luck unpacking more stuff. What a job moving is.

Isabelle said...

Oh, Joni, it's always such a tonic to read your blog.

Helen said...

oh I love the photos you find Joni. How wonderful is that cake plate! How is Dan Brown going? Have a great week