Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Daily Album (continued)

DAY NINE (Wednesday)
We had quite a snowstorm! It started Tuesday evening and the School Closings started marching across the TV. The worst came during the night and Wednesday morning. Even though I have retired from teaching I still get a thrill of a "Snow Day"! It is so exciting to see your school district's name appear on the TV (snow days are built into our teaching contracts) and know you have a day to hibernate with your family.
DAY TEN (Thursday)
I put our new Scandinavian straw goat by the tree after I had tried it in a dozen places in the house. It's so big it really had to sit on the floor. I really like the added Scandinavian flavor in our home!
We watched 'Julie and Julia' (from Netflix) and we both loved it!! Meryl Streep deserves an Oscar for her performance! This is an adorable movie... many laugh out loud parts! Perfect for Christmas giving or Holiday watching!

We may not send Christmas cards this year as I made a prototype on Photoshop but can not find where I saved it! I have searched and searched and am so disappointed that it can't be found!

Fa la la la la!
Off to take some photos!!


Rhona said...

Joni, I love the way your album is coming together. I think perhaps next year I'll have to do one more along the lines of the December Daily and just document what we do each day. For this year though I'm really enjoying Shimelle's JYC and I'm pleased I'm managing to stay caught up.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That was some snow day!
My mom used to have a couple of those Scandinavian straw deer...I wonder if she still does!

Helen said...

Joni I can't tell you how wonderful I think this album is! TFS!

Thimbleanna said...

Ok, now I'm starting to have just a twinge that I'm not doing a fun album like that. It looks fantastic Joni -- I LOVE it!