Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Kristin lived & worked in Keystone, Colorado
and Wendy lived and worked in Breckenridge
Colorado... years ago.
This is a scrapbook layout of Wendy's dog Shamrock
getting a ride up the mountain in a backpack.This is a layout of Wendy biking up a
mountain road with Shamrock under her arm.

Wendy was hiking on a mountain path.

Wendy, Darin, and Kristin headed back to Breckenridge
for a long weekend with friends.
Darin's sister and her husband run a working ranch
in Breckenridge.

My favorite photo... Wendy & Darin's dogs
Wylie and Alfred
went along for the weekend.
They look so cute walking up the road together.

Everyone went horseback riding.
Mr & Mrs Osmundson continued their honeymoon
in the Rocky Mountains.
Kristin flew in for the fun.
And she looks like she's having lots of fun!!!

Wendy and Kristin at the lake.

All their fit friends (high altitude) went biking.
The Rocky Mountains in the background.
Quite a change from Key West!
The girls were raised to travel and they take advantage of
every opportunity.
I made a digital photo album of the wedding for
a dear friend.
My hard drive was full and it didn't save it for printing.
Yesterday was spend putting all my programs,
documents, etc onto a 2nd hard drive.
Then I started all over with the album.
It actually is much nicer than the first.
We also spent a lot of time watching the coverage of
Hurricane Gustav.
The water seemed alive and angry!
THE GOOD: Most people had been evacuated.
THE BAD: Two more hurricanes are on their way.
Make it a great day!
Love you,


nicolette said...

This is such a great way to visit beautiful visits in the US, while sitting in my chair!

I keep my fingers crossed for all people in the hurricane aereas!!

preppy little dress said...

love your photos, looks like everyone had a great time in colorado! fun! fun! fun! love your scrapbooking pages!

preppy little dress said...

btw...forgot to mention - i love your fall blog layout!

Thimbleanna said...

Looks like everyone is having such a great time -- Colorado is so beautiful! You're so smart to put all of your stuff on a 2nd drive -- I just got a call saying my hard drive is gone. What a dope -- I didn't have a backup. Lesson learned!

Junie Moon said...

You make the best scrapbook projects. I need to learn more about doing this, especially the editing of all the pictures I tend to want to save. Your projects always feature just the right photo that tells a complete story. You do awesome work.

Jacquie said...

you do make the best pages. this looks like loads of fun!!!

Helen said...

Great photos Joni and I love your scrap page!

artisbliss said...

Wonderful photos lately, Joni.