Friday, August 29, 2008


You've seen the wedding showers, the wedding...
now here's the honeymoon!
Wendy and Darin started out in South Beach, FL but spent
most of their time in Key West (a city & an island).
Key West is the Southernmost city in the
continental United States.
It's only a little over 100 miles from Cuba.
Isn't this beautiful?

Wendy and Darin during the day.
Key West is a very laid-back place.

In the evenings there were lots of good restaurants.

This photo speaks for the climate.

The rooster on the roof is an example of the casual style of the

This is Wendy standing in front of Ernest Hemingway's house...
now a tourist attraction.
Tennessee Williams was also a resident of Key West.

There are lots of cute shops.
I love Key Lime Pie!!!

I adore the red and white of this shop. So inviting!!!

A typical sunset viewed across the water.
They followed up this week with a jaunt to
a ranch in Colorado where Kristin and other friends
joined them... including their 2 dogs.
Will share photos another day!
Make it a wonderful weekend!
Love you,


Junie Moon said...

I'm so glad they had such a glorious time on their honeymoon. I love Key West and have been there about a gazillion times. It's always fun and certainly interesting.

Familia Stilwell said...

Beautiful pics! The rooster on the roof could be a photo from Peru! :)

You asked about our time in the States...we are here for 6 months visiting all of the churches that support us, so we are doing a lot of traveling on the weekends. We will head back to Peru the end of December.

The girls are adjusting to all of the transitions, but it hasn't come without a few tears shed. They are attending our church's Christian school and really enjoying it, although having a bit of a struggle with homework. Homeschoolers aren't used to studying all day and then having HOMEWORK on top of it! :) Then add all the cultural differences, being new/different, etc., but they come home smiling and chattering away, so that is encouraging. Makes a mommy's heart happy to see and hear it! Thanks for asking. Have a great weekend.

Angie said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!!! She's such a beautiful lady!

Helen said...

GREAT photos my friend. TFS! Have a lovely weekend.

Heleen said...

Looks like a fantastic honnymoon! Love your new blog look!

Nan said...

Ahhaaaa... I feel all relaxed and refreshed. :)

nicolette said...

That’s what I call a real HoneYMooN! I love the word. When you translate our word (huwelijksreis) it’s something like weddingjourney...!

It sure looks like they had a fabulous time together. I hope their journey through life together will remain fabulous!!

Wanda said...

What beautiful pictures, and what a darling couple....!!!

Thanks for sharing the Honeymoon!

Angie said...

Happy Labor Day, my sweet friend!

preppy little dress said...

lovely photos from their honeymoon! now is time for grandchildren - right, hee! hee!