Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lurking in the gloom...

As long as I can remember we have had Better Homes and Gardens magazines in our house.
BUT NOW... has become a favorite read!!

The following ideas are from their daily site that you can subscribe to free and get inspired by hundreds of exciting ideas and projects. They arrive in the form of an email... subscribe and you will be adding a daily smile to your life.
Simple black upholstery tacks.

I adore these painted pumpkins with a touch of Bling!

Unique idea for a door or a fence.

Shortbread cookies with almond fingernails.

Little fabric ghosts tied to painted branches & stuck in a pumpkin.

Love this on a gate!

Add some fake black birds or crows to an existing wreath.

Better photo of the painted pumpkins!

Easy to make!
But the squirrels are feasting on all of my Indian corn.

Thanks Better Homes and Garden website...
I anxiously await your daily email!!

Have a creative Halloween!!


Baboona said...
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Baboona said...

I love home & Garden .... inspires you & so many great ideas !

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Those painted pumpkins are really fantastic! I think I'm inspired for next year!

Isabelle said...

All very pretty but - for one day? Or do Americans celebrate over several, I wonder?

Helen said...

JONI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy dance* How are you my dear friend? So wonderful to hear from you ... loving catching up on all your news here! I hope you had a good Halloweeen we don't celebrate it here!