Thursday, May 20, 2010

Otter's Journal

What a day I had today! My mom took me to this place called "See Spot Run"... and I almost ran the other way... to get a bath. I knew I was going to hate every minute of it and I was right. And to make things really bad, my mom left me and went some place in OUR car! And there I was, left to endure all those horrid things like soap suds and eeeeeek... the dreaded blow dryer! Hot, noisy and yuck, yuck, yuck!! They cut my toe nails and didn't even put polish on them like my mom has on hers. An here's the humiliating part... they put a scarf around my neck. I'm a boy, you nit-wits!
Then my mom came back to get me... had a little scare there for a moment... being a shelter-dog and all. Hey mom... I'm over here! Get me out of this place!! Whoa... what's this I spy. A little girl dog and she's a cutie! Wanna share a biscuit?

Home sweet home! Just in time to walk around in all that dirt for the garden.
Wags to you,


Junie Moon said...

Oh my, this is making me giggle like a little girl. Otter is completely adorable and I'm glad he's happily home again after his travails.

Anina said...

Oh Otter! You crack me up.

nicolette said...

Ohhh Otter, you’re such a cutie and you’re even more handsome after your SPA treatment!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Cute name for a dog-spa!

Helen said...

OH YAY! WTG Otter! This is great ... I expect more bloggie/doggie entries!

ps. no such thing as silly questions Joni. The camera was on the tripod just in front of us with me pushing the button.

sassy said...

Otter you are one sweet boy charming all the ladies at the washy place!

prashant said...

I'm glad he's happily home again after his travails.
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