Sunday, February 22, 2009

You Are All So Caring!

Thank you all for the sweet comments.
This is a tough time in our lives and your comments
mean more than you'll ever know.
I feel your warmth from Australia, Kuwait City,
the UK, the Netherlands, Canada, and the US.
Boyd sleeps off and on all day and very little at night.
He gets an IV of antibiotics twice a day at home.
He seems to have perked up today and has
been watching some TV.
I'll know he's on the mend when I see him
do his New York Times Crossword puzzle.
7 weeks to go.
My daughter Wendy and husband Darin sent him
this great edible arrangement,
The fruit was all really tasty!!
Thanks guys!
I missed the last 2 weeks of the Photoshop class I was
taking but have caught up when Boyd is sleeping.
I have learned so, so much!
There is one more Photoshop class that I can take from
Jessica Sprague in March and I will definitely take it.
I made this layout tonight as I watched the Academy
Awards. It was my first try at extracting a figure from
a photo. I noticed that I have a piece of my arm missing.
I've actually done a lot of layouts but I don't have the
supply lists for all of them and therefore shouldn't
really put them on my blog. Not a law... a courtesy.
All of the layouts I'm creating are with old photos from my
growing years for my girls, so they will know all
about their mom's life.
Supplies: Paper, Green dot by Jeanelle Page, "Kidden Around" add on; Bird House,
bzb designs, "Maddie's Garden"; Flowers, grass, yellow butterfly, sun, by Dita B,
"Spring Time Elements"; Small blue and orange flowers, large green flower, blue
butterfly by Sara Ellis collab. dje "Spring it On"; Ladybugs, bitty blue flowers by
JM's "French Country" for Little Dreamer Designs.
Thank you again. You are all very important to me!
Keep the people in Australia in your thoughts and prayers.
The fires have done such damage to so many.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First the computer crashed and I replaced it with a new HP laptop... which didn't work when we got it home. Boyd spent 2 days trying to tweak it into operation. Finally we broke down and hired 'The Geek Squad' to come out and work their magic. 4 hours later it seemed to be up and running... until they walked out the door. Meanwhile... Boyd started running a fever. We thought it was a virus that everyone seems to have. Finally I dragged him to the Emergency room and they put him in the Intensive Care Unit. 104 degree fever and scary white blood cell counts. Many 'scans' later they found the infection site... in a bone in his leg. He has had massive doses of antibiotics and came home last night... after 10 days in the hospital. They inserted a tube into his heart and taped to his chest... as he needs to have a bag of antibiotics twice daily for 2 months at home through this tube.

As I ran back and forth to the hospital I ate a lot of junk food. Today I will head to the grocery store to stock our depleted food supplies and cook some tasty & healthy meals... after the Visiting Nurse comes... and in the predicted freezing rain.

And the computer still doesn't work!

Please add Boyd to your prayers.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My computer has crashed!

It's been shutting down on me off and on for several weeks...

but has been a 'real hairy monster' this past week.


I've lost my blog list


other goodies.


I have my photos and digital supplies

on an external hard drive.


I'm borrowing my husband's computer to write this

and I can build a new blog

list from recent comments.

I shall return with a new computer this week!!


Special XOXO's to...
Helen Hancock, Karen, Chantelle, Nicolette & Midas,
Junie Moon, Anna, Green Girl, Nan, Isabelle, Angie, Jacquie, Lovie,
Hunnybunny, Vera, Rhona, Melanie, Anina, Amy, Babona, Barb,
Kristin, & Wendy.

I love you girls!!

And to Chris and Tina...
If you leave a comment sometime you

might make the list.



Monday, February 2, 2009

Chugging Along on Overload...

Our cat Gabby is such a character and we cater to her
Also known as "enabling".
Love her to pieces!!
Supplies: Paper, P-Pink dark (designer unknown); Word Art, "Cats' Elegant Word Art
by Bethany; Flower, "Lovely Valentine" by Scrappindoves Designs; Leaves, "Green
felt Leaf" by K Hart; Border, "Border-it" Life 365 for Weeds & Wildflowers; Brushes,
b silva floral.
In our Wisconsin cold and snow there is nothing like something
cooking that smells good and will warm your insides.
Boyd is such a great cook...
sometimes fancy,
sometimes plain...
but always healthy and tasty!
Supplies: Paper,"Pumpkin Pie" by Misty Mareda Designs from Little Dreamer Designs;
Tabs, "Dinner Party" by s carling; White Paper, "Kiwi" from Shabby Princess (reduced
to 55% opacity); ZigZag Stitched Frame, "Stitching rectangle, Word Art, O Scraps, Taylor
Yup... the old Annual Physical.
I needed a reward for going so I bought myself these pink roses.
Also stopped at Bath & Body for some more CO Bigelow
lip cream... lemon cream this time.
Sassy... you got me hooked!!
Supplies: Paper, "Happy Love Kit" by Jackie Eckles; Frame, (frame4) & "Heart Branches"
(Branch 1), & Word Art (adore)"Kiss Me Sweetheart" by Ellie Lash; "i" font, "cheri".
Yes, I am a cinnamon sugar toast addict!
Always have been!!
Yummy with a cup of tea.
I picked up a new Cinnamon Sugar shaker recently
and thought it's time to document this love
for "my story"
Supplies: Paper: Blue & White dot, Cafe J "Love Bug Add-On"; Striped paper,"Family Ties"
for Scrapgirls; Frame, "Christmas Day" from Raspberry Road; Red Letters, Alpha lower
case "All in One"; Cherries, Sally Ann for Raspberry Road Designs;Mat with X Stitch,
Erica Hite's "Family Days" from Family Ties.


I've been having lots of computer problems lately so I havent
been very active in the blog-reading department.
But... I'll catch up!!
When my computer works I head right over to my Photoshop
class assignments.
I've been tagged by Helen Hancock.
Thanks Helen!
I'll get to it this week... promise!