Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is a layout I digitally scrapped about my newest Lori Mitchell figurine. I just love her Trick-or-Treat children wearing adorable costumes. This is Jack Squash!! My daughter Wendy sent him from Phoenix. Thanks Wendy!! I now have 5 little Lori Mitchell characters... all standing in a gang (remember when "gang" was a fun word?) on the top of a bookcase waiting to ring a doorbell.

Do you have any Halloween collections?

This is a short post as Boyd is being released from the hospital today and I still have a few boxes to unpack. At least I'm down to 'a few'!!!

Make this a good day!



Junie Moon said...

It's a cute layout. I do collect Halloween stuff, but there's no rhyme or reason to the collection -- just things I like.

Glad to hear Boyd is coming home. I wish him well during his recovery.

Julie said...

Very cute layout Joanie.

Angie said...

No collections of Halloween stuff. . . yet. I see one in my future.

The layout is darling.

Tell your "darling" that I'm glad he's coming home from the hospital!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Happy news about Boyd! I do remember "gang" being fun word. Very cute.

Rhona said...

Great news that Boyd is coming home, I hope he continues to make good progress. That little figure in the layout is sweet, what are the others you've got? I don't really have a Halloween collection but I have a friend who collects enough for both of us as we go to her on Halloween :)