Sunday, July 13, 2008


A few pics of Wendy and Darin's Wedding.
I'll post more during the week.
These are a few of the hundreds of candid shots from friends and family.
I haven't ordered
from the photographer yet.
This is my wonderful new son-in-law Darin, watching Wendy
walk down the aisle with her dad.
Check out Darin's pink and green Lily Pulitzer bow tie.
And this is Wendy after they exchanged vows.
Kristin is holding Emma, the flower girl's hand.
The other girl (mom of two) is Wendy's best friend Jennifer.
They've been friends since they were little
and Jen hit Wendy in the head with a golf ball.

Happy... what else can I say?

Emma's dad took this photo of her from where he was sitting.
I think it's precious!!

Wendy with Jen and Kristin.
It poured and poured before the wedding.
But it stopped, the sun came out and there
was a beautiful light breeze.
Just enough wind to dry up the water
and blow Wendy's veil in the air.

The cupcakes were made and designed by a lady who
made my wedding cake and will be on the
TV Food Network in the Fall.

OK Boyd-o, where's your pink and green bow tie ??
In your pocket??

Lisa (Emma's mother) dancing with her son Matt.
Wendy went out to DC to be Matt's nanny when he was 6.
He's now a sophomore in college.


The wedding was beautiful and fun!
That's because of the wonderful people that came to
celebrate with Wendy and Darin.
I'll share more photos throughout the week...
1.The rehearsal dinner for everyone who was coming
to the wedding... as there wasn't a rehearsal.
2. Behind the scenes at the salon with a
winged fairy.
3. The food!! Fantasic!!
4. The morning after when the mother-of-the-bride
couldn't walk due to excessive dancing.

Jenny Craig report:
Even though we stayed at a hotel for 3 days and ate
all of our meals out, I lost 1/2 pound
due to the hours of dancing.


Jacquie said...

Congratulations. Looks like everything was beautiful and they look soooo happy! Glad you're back!

nicolette said...

Congratulations Joni Yummers! I can tell from the pictures that the wedding was fabulous!
You naughty mum to tell about Kristen’s boyfriend!
Glad you’re back and I love your new Yummers header!

Nan said...

Wow! Everything looked great, and if those are the candid photo's, I can't wait to see the professional ones!

4 weeks to go for us, since the wedding date was moved from June to August, it's a good thing too, we are so far behind, we would have never been ready in June! Congratulations to all. Looking forward to seeing more.

Kristen said...

welcome back - you were sorely missed! Can't wait for more pics ;)

Angie said...

YIPPEEE!!! This just made my day. What a beautiful bride. . .and such lovely pictures.

. . .although, might I add my disappointment that there were not pictures of YOU?????!!!!!

trashalou said...

So excited you are back, really looking forward to seeing more pictures. Am loving the colourway.

Baboona said...

Congratulations!! nice pictures too & love the colors !!

Helen said...

OH welcome back my friend. What fabulous fabulous photos. Looks all so wonderful. Can't wait to see and hear more.

Wanda said...

Congratulations ~~~ What a beautiful wedding, bride, groom....everyone looked so wonderful.

Those cupcakes ~~oh my goodness!

Been busy taking care of the grandchildren this week...trying to catch up.


artisbliss said...

How wonderful! What a beautiful celebration!

Anina said...

Wonderful! Congratulations to the bride, groom, and mother-in-law.

Thimbleanna said...

WooHoo! Congratulations!!! I'm so glad it all went well for you and the bride and groom. The pictures are beautiful -- love the green and pink -- so festive. Now...does this mean we can finally have you back -- we've missed you!

hunnybunny said...

Can't wait to see the rest, your daughter is beautiful. Everything is beautiful, congrats on dancing the pounds away. hehe

kirsty said...

GORGEOUS wedding! What a beautiful bride :)
It was obviously a joyful day for everyone!

melanie said...

great pics!! you know how i love p&g & lilly :)
now you have a boy too!

corry said...

Congratulations Joni! The wedding pictures are so beautiful, what a happy couple.
I'm glad that your back!

Junie Moon said...

How wonderful you're back and all went well with the wedding. The photos are beautiful and I wish the new couple very much happiness in their new life together.

BaileyAKA said...

Those photos of the wedding are beautiful! Also, I've just been inspired to have cupcakes instead of cake at my wedding. Thanks for posting!

preppy little dress said...

what beautiful photos! i LOVE the cupcakes! OMG - they are too cute! the photographer did a great job. thanks for posting. i just love those cupcakes. tell your daughter she did a nice job with planning her special day, beautiful!