Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I've become fascinated with cross-stitching.
I thought it was a 'thing of the past'
until I got on some French blog sites and saw the
level they had taken it to.
Absolutely beautiful!
With my love for anything whimsical
and bright-colored, I headed down that path.
This is a digital scrap page I did this morning for
my personal scrap album... to record my new interest.
The "Just Married" piece needs to go to the
framer to be pressed, padded, and framed.
The Santa is a St. Nick's day gift... at
least it will be when it's completed.
"Ghouls night Out" will be a Halloween gift.
The small framed "I love you" was a gift to me
a long time ago from a dear friend.
I haven't been blogging very much or commenting on your blogs.
Have been so busy editing and organizing wedding photos...
and dealing with a sinus infection (sleeping a lot) that I
have just run out of time.
I promise to do better... really!!
Love you,


nicolette said...

Hi Joni, love to see you added a new craft to your busy life!

Hope you will feel better soon, those sinus infections are nasty!

Take care!

Thimbleanna said...

Yes, methinks cross-stitch will be making a comeback. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Isabelle said...

Just catching up - love the wedding photos.

Anonymous said...

I love your X-stitching. I hope you start feeling better soon-I miss your posts.


Jacquie said...

Cross stitch is where I started my crafting life. I still enjoy stitching in quiet times. I have multiple project going...some bit some small. Sorry about the sinus infection. Take care of yourself!

Junie Moon said...

Your projects look delightful. I love cross-stitch, too. Then again, I love everything which sometimes makes me appear to be the energizer bunny's schizo-twin. But there's so much fun and wonder in the world--and I want to try everything.

I hope your sinus issues resolve very, very soon.

Angie said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. But, this digi page is so cute!!

Helen said...

I have always loved cross stitching...just not enough time these days. I hope to get back into it again one day.