Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend... 2011

So much going on this weekend.

The above layout is several years old but so perfect
to represent Saturday's annual Kentucky Derby which I love to watch.
Wendy, in her fabulous pink hat, was at a Kentucky Derby party
no doubt sipping mint juleps.
Actually, I think it was a wedding shower.

Kristin came home for Mother's Day and
we seemed to go from one place to another all weekend.
All fun!
She has a business meeting in Green Bay with a client
this morning and then is going to have to RACE to catch a 
flight back to Denver. 
If she doesn't make it... I'll see her tonight!

I am anxious to get the house picked up,
get Otter and I back to our routine, 
and then I can start a new painting.

Make this a good day!


jena said...

Happy Mother's day Joni!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How fun--those Derby people! I have a few friends who do it--hats, juleps, the works. Such a grand tradition.