Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Blog that you'll love!

Meet Jenn Brasher!
She is one VERY creative young lady (mom and wife too)!!
My daughter Kristin met her in college and they've stayed
in touch through the years.
Jenn lives in Denver and has helped make Kristin feel 
welcome in her recent move.

Jenn loves photography and did this self-portrait
for Project 365. 

She's so talented at seeing a piece of clothing at a
thrift shop and creating something wearable from it.
A Grandpa's sweater cardigan.
 She's just as talented making jewelry.

Jenn is having a GIVEAWAY.
Visit her Blog and leave a comment.

I sat and read her entire Blog the other day.
It is so motivating and inspirational.

I do each day!


PS Jenn and her husband went to Italy with my daughters in September.


twobutterflies said...

Joni - thank you so much!!!! I feel so honored to be featured on your blog - such kind comments! I can't wait to actually get together in person. Hopefully we can meet up when you're out here around Thanksgiving.

My friend Amy and I are going down to see Kristin this weekend - I'm so thankful that she's finally getting her stuff!! Hopefully we can help her get some boxes unpacked.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh wow! Her skills are incredible! Thanks for passing it along to us!