Saturday, June 19, 2010

Free "Computer Tricks" class

I have taken so many classes from Jessica Sprague. She is a fantastic teacher and person. She's offering a FREE online class... Compute Tricks for Cards. I'm not a card-maker but I know I will learn something new from this class. So, join me and register now!
Click on to register now!
Hope to see you there!!

My BIL's funeral is this afternoon and I'm feeling very nervous.
Same funeral home and restaurant (including same menu) as
we had for Boyds. The memory is too fresh!
But this too shall pass.


Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of you today, Joni. This has to be so difficult.

On a happier note, I'm signed up for class, too.

Anina said...

I hope you made it through the sadness today Joni.
Thinking of you.

Helen said...

I am very sorry to read your news Joni. Stay strong my friend ... sending you loads of positive energy from downunder!

Isabelle said...

Oh dear. Hope you got through it ok.

Maureen said...

Joni, thank you for the message. Truly a sad reminder..and so young.

btw, I too have signed up for the card class, then my iMac 'burped' and I spent 3 days without 'her'. I've not been a card maker but want to learn so I can make some for OWH -