Monday, February 15, 2010

New Scrapbox!

I want to introduce you to Angel. She was rescued from a Puppy Mill by one of my good friends. After a lot of love and extensive grooming, Angel is thriving in her lovely new home... she had previously lived in a crate and was used for breeding. Angel has a HUGE wardrobe and I wanted to take photos of her in her many outfits. However, she didn't like the camera's flash. I will try again soon and share them with you. Isn't she adorable? And she has a personality to match!
I made another Scrapbox this weekend. I wanted to preserve my favorite book from when I was growing up. My Mom read it to me several times and then I read it myself a few more times. It has such unforgettable characters like Hookie-the-Goblin, Little Lemon Cookie, Snickerdoodle, and more. I read it to my girls when they were little and then they read it themselves, too! The book has been a fixture around our house since the 1940's.

I created a scrapbook page about this book experience, reduced it to 6x6, and printed it to be included in the scrapbox. The spine of the book was broken and I used a very strong 2-sided tape (from a scrapbook store) in the corner of each page to keep the book together

I stumbled upon scrapboxes at Tuesday Morning. They had Martha Stewart's label on them and they were only $3.99 each (originally $24.99). I bought them all!! The box I used for the above creation is from TJ Maxx. All scrapping materials used in the making of the above layout are from Designer Digitals (click on 'my Gallery' for more details).
My daughters are coming home this weekend and I can't wait!! We're going up to the Green Bay house to move all my scrapping materials, Summer clothes, and anything else of importance that was left behind. I just love every minute that I get to spend with them... such a gift!
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Thimbleanna said...

That scrapbox is adorable Joni! I loved the Raggedy Ann stories when I was young too -- what a fun idea for your scrapbox!

Rhona said...

Is Angel a Bichon Frise? She is just like our Cloud who is a Bichon. I'm so glad she's in a good home now, they are very loving little dogs.
I also remember Raggedy Ann but don't think I ever had the books. I love the memories other people's blog post bring back :)

Anonymous said...

Angel is adorable! And I've never heard of scrapboxes. Yours is great. What a fun way to preserve an heirloom and a memory.

Junie Moon said...

Angel is beautiful and I'm so glad she was rescued, poor little thing. I love your scrapboxes!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Cute puppy!
I think that is such a great way to preserve those old favorites--they turned out beautifully, Joni. Enjoy your trip to Green Bay!

Helen said...

oh Joni! What a wonderful post! Isn't Angel adorable!! Can't wait to see more pics! Your boxes and the scrap page are wonderful! I too loved Raggedy Ann! I hope you have a wonderful time with your girls!

Helen said...

ps. I can't find your email Joni. I wanted to write you about the substitute teaching. I have done it before also and don't like it that much. But I did not have a family then - teaching was my everything. Now I do it and leave with no commitments to go and be with my family KWIIM?

Have a lovely day Joni!

Angie said...

Love the RA & RA scrapbox!! Am really looking forward to making some boxes for both of the kids! ;)

nicolette said...

Cute little Angel! So glad she found a new home to be loved!

Raggedy Ann sounds like a lovely little character. I remember those dolls, but don’t remember how we used to call them.

Enjoy your time with the girls!