Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Day After Monday

I really wanted to post every Monday but due to life's 'have-to-get-this-done' moments, I couldn't post yesterday!

Mother's Day was such fun! Kristin came up from Chicago... stayed in Oshkosh (see why I'm moving to Oshkosh) and then we met half way in Appleton on Sunday. We had an early lunch and went shopping for furniture for our Oshkosh home. Had lots of good luck (more below) and ended the day with a stop at Starbucks for my Spring drink-of-choice... a Grande Strawberries and Cream Frappaccino! It is yummy, yummy, yummy! Tastes like fresh strawberries smell!

My Furniture shopping was very successful... because of Kristin's help. It's so helpful to have her with me to get second opinions from and bounce ideas together. Besides... she knows the house so well and has good taste. We picked out this red comfy couch for the den. Kristin has the same couch in camel... same manufacturer... and I got it for half of what she payed in Chicago. Hers has worn well so I knew it was a good purchase.

I bought a living room couch and loveseat and 2 nightstands, also! They will be delivered this Saturday. Can't wait!! Good photo op!
My computer has been busy helping me create layouts. Since I've joined these Galleries... I am much more motivated and have kept my 'credits of the designers' accurate. I'm having so much fun trying out new techniques, etc.

I'm not going to repeat the 'Credits' here when you can just click on a gallery on the sidebar and see the materials I used... if you want. I look at credits a lot because I see something in a layout that I'd like to buy and I can find the location there. Otherwise...

This is Kristin when she was about 5 years old and we had spent a day at their favorite park.

This layout reminds me of a page in an Eric Carle book (The Hungry Caterpillar, etc). The words are from a picture in my house and I wanted to use them in a layout. No author was mentioned.

I really wanted to document Kristin's battle with braces as they were on for over 8 years. She even had to have jaw & chin surgery (wired shut for 8 weeks)... a blog in itself!! Ever see a Big Mac in a food processor... yuck!

This is Leroy having a good shake at Wendy's in Arizona. I love the way the camera caught the spray in the light.
Sorry to rush but I need to go to Oshkosh and sign my new Home owner's Policy and run some errands there.
Make it a great week!!


Junie Moon said...

I love your new furniture. And the red is so you! Such a pretty shade of red, too. I'm glad Kristin was able to spend Mother's Day with you and help you with your furniture shopping. What a great outing that was for the two of you.

Helen said...
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Helen said...

All is looking good Joni....Los and furniture. You have a great week ;)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is a beautiful couch! Your eye for color is really great.

Thimbleanna said...

I love your pretty red couch -- I can just see you reclining there with your pretty, pink, matching strawberries and cream frappacino!

Angie said...

That couch is, as my friend's daughter would say, "The BOMB DIGGITY!" Very, very pretty. I can see you doing all sorts of neat things with it throughout the seasons.

Your layouts are getting more and more beautiful!!

Isabelle said...

Goodness, you're moving! After all your work in your current house. Still, I can see why and you seem fine about it so that's good!

henzy said...

like the 'shake' layout