Sunday, June 8, 2008

until early July.
3 weeks to the wedding
and so much to do!!

Here are a few pictures from

showers that I haven't



A girls weekend in DC was a bit ago.

Kristin flew there to join the fun.

This is a pic of Kristin with Emma

the flower girl.

The actual DC shower had a Kentucky Derby theme. What fun!!
I love Wendy's hat... so Churchill Downs.

This is one of Wendy's closest friends, Kateri.
They train together and have run marathons together.
Can't wait to see Kateri and her family at the wedding.

Girl's night out in DC.
This is Wendy with Lisa who is such a part of Wendy's life.
Lisa is Wendy's friend, DC family, and boss.
Wendy went to DC to be the Nanny when their son was 6.
He's now finished with his freshman year in college
and Wen considers them all a big family.
Emma included.
Wen spends about one week a month in DC with Lisa
and travels and works from home the other three weeks.

Kristin and Wendy at a DC party.
And then we need to move on to Phoenix where
Wendy lives.

Another shower and a girl's night out in Phoenix AZ.
Aren't they all sooooo pretty?

Mary is Wendy's best friend in Phoenix.
They worked together in Colorado and now both live in Phoenix.
Lot's of energy between the 2 of them.

And what's a girl's night out without a little
Mary got a standing ovation...
and well deserved!
And how does that old song go...
"...and now on with the show".
Love to all!
See you in July!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Heleen from Dutch Colours!!!
(Mr Yummers picked your name out of a basket.)
Send me your mailing address via email
and I'll get this book in the mail
for you.
Hope you enjoy it!!


Ask Jenny!

Just weighed in...
18 pounds lost so far!!
Sorry for the short post.
Wendy's flying in next Monday for another dress fitting
and I have a 'to-do list' to cross off by then.
Must run!