Saturday, October 31, 2009


The last day of October and on to 'dreary' November... somewhat rescued by my Birthday on the 9th and then Thanksgiving.

Instead of Halloween decorations, I decorate with a Harvest theme. Then everything can stay up until the Christmas decorations are lovingly unpacked and carefully placed here and there and everywhere. This will be a special Christmas as we're in our new 'old' home!!

This is a photo from 1953 when my friend Susie (on the left) and I (with the crimson lips) had a joint Halloween party for a bunch of girlfriends. We had a 'rec room'... popular in that era... and it was perfect for parties which we had a lot of!! Ooooo... the good old days!!
Talk about nostalgia... this is a song we used to sing:
Oh... it's Halloween and gob-lins are about,
you can see them lurking in the gloom.
But a way up in the sky...
there's a witch a-swishing by...
with a big black cat a riding on her broom.
Take care!!
Of the cat a-riding on the witch's broom!

Have a fun day!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


This is a layout I digitally scrapped about my newest Lori Mitchell figurine. I just love her Trick-or-Treat children wearing adorable costumes. This is Jack Squash!! My daughter Wendy sent him from Phoenix. Thanks Wendy!! I now have 5 little Lori Mitchell characters... all standing in a gang (remember when "gang" was a fun word?) on the top of a bookcase waiting to ring a doorbell.

Do you have any Halloween collections?

This is a short post as Boyd is being released from the hospital today and I still have a few boxes to unpack. At least I'm down to 'a few'!!!

Make this a good day!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaack!!!

I can't resist blogging at this time of the year! I love Fall, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas celebrations!

I had this pumpkin photo in my stash and just had to share it with you. I think it's such fun!! I love decorating inside and out for Halloween and Fall!
I love watching the spooky movies on TV this week! Turning off the lights and lighting a candle or two.
Below is a digital scrapbook layout I did as part of MY MEMORIES album. Nancy Drew was probably the first mystery books I read... I was quite young when I got hooked on them. At that time Nancy was as scary and mysterious as I got. Boo to you, Nancy Drew!! And such fun memories of you and Ned Nickerson, your father Carson Drew the attorney, Hannah the housekeeper, and partners in crime... George (girl) and Bess. And don't forget her roadster!

Spark any memories for you??
Update on Boyd:

He is in the hospital again... retaining 20+ pounds of fluid and needed oxygen. His kidneys are not in very good shape and he may be facing dialysis. Poor guy... and he never complains!

Update on Us:

We have moved to Oshkosh Wisconsin to my old house. It's cozy, homey, and charming... but smaller than our house in Green Bay!! I will post photos when I get the boxes unpacked.

Make this a good day!!

Love to you all... feels good to be back!!